This Little Miggy Stayed Home: A Valentine For You

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Valentine For You

It can be confusing since we refer to people as Valentines as in Will you be my Valentine?  Or We can refer to tokens, cards and gifts as valentine as in, Here's a valentine for you.  

So when I say I have a Valentine for you, I mean I have someone I want you to meet and take into your heart this Valentines day.  Especially this Valentines day.

This is Ulysses.  

Adorable right?  Ulysses is 3 months old and has limb differences on all 4 limbs.  I met his mom in an online forum for parents of children with limb differences.  Their story is very different from ours.  Whereas we found out about Lamp's limb differences when I was 18 weeks pregnant, they found out about Ulysses' differences 1 week before he was born.  Additionally, his parents were also told he was going to die.  So after he was born, looked over, pronounced healthy and handed back to his mamma, another shock set with a disabled child.  Ulysses mom, April, writes about it much better than I do of course, read his birth story here.   But while our stories are different there are a lot of similarities.  Reading April's blog is like reading a page from my own journal.  It's been amazing to read her posts and think, I know how she feels.  I may not know exactly how she feels....but I really know how she feels.  Not to mention April has great taste in music and well, let's just say it....I have great taste in music.  They live in Oregon and I want to live in Oregon.  While I wouldn't wish for any child to be born with limb differences, I can't deny the comfort in finding another like-minded mamma in this foreign limb differences land to relate to.  

So I knew eventually I'd introduce you to Ulysses and his mom,  I just didn't know when.  But today seems like the perfect day.  See Ulysses also has a heart condition and has to have surgery on his heart.  Tomorrow.  

Did you get that?  This beautiful baby boy is having heart surgery on Valentine's day.     

That's why I want you to meet Ulysses today, so you (and I) can pray for him tomorrow.  I know I felt all your prayers when Lamp was born and during her g-tube surgery days and I'd like to see if we could do the same for April and Ulysses. 

Tomorrow when you're frosting sugar cookies, smelling flowers and opening cards think of this sweet baby boy and his broken little heart and whisper, shout or say a prayer.  In some ways the irony is thick and the poetic justice hits you over the head.  Heart surgery on Valentines Day.  But what better way to commemorate a day of love than by praying for a baby and his family.  That, is love.   

My only hesitation in introducing you to April (and Ulysses) is that once you read April's writing you may never care for mine again....but it's a chance I'm willing to take.  I find that when coming face to face with superior talent, I can either be jealous (and miserable) or embrace it (and feel the love)  I choose to embrace it.  April is a tremendously talented writer.  Do yourself a favor and go read this post about Ulysses and the bee's in his heart.           

Just remember to say a prayer for Ulysses and those bee's his heart.    

Happy Valentine's Day.  


  1. Linda P.9:15 AM

    It will be a privilege to pray for precious Ulysses. I will also pray for his special mama, who loves him so.

    Don't you ever worry about us "abandoning" you for someone else's writing, dear Miggy. We have room in our hearts for many friends here in Blog Land. You, my dear, will always be in my heart, and I will always be here! Thank you for introducing us to yet another special family we can get to know. Hugs!

  2. How very lovely to meet Ulysses.
    We will be praying for this sweet little one.
    Thank you for sharing another blog to read,too,
    and no worries, you are definitely one of my new favourite bloggers, so I'm not going anywhere!

  3. I just read your post and one of my sons came and sat by me as I prayed for Ulysses. He prayed with me. It's so beautiful to hear the purity of a young person's prayers. I can only imagine what it sounds like when God hears ours.

    You are such a treasure. There is no one like you!

  4. gorgeous little boy!!! I'll spread the word!!!