This Little Miggy Stayed Home: My Valentine

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Valentine

Remember when my husband made me this necklace a few years ago?  Well I've been bugging him about making a 3rd charm representing Lampy for quite some time.  The first two charms represent him and Sparkle Pants of course.  I didn't think it would happen since he doesn't have access to a lab like he did in dental school.  But somehow that (sneaky and) handsome devil pulled it off.  I love it.    

B's got the day off and we're headed up to Austin to see the sites!  
Happy President's Day

PS.  Am I the last blogger alive trying to keep the names of my family a secret?  Sometimes I feel a little sheepish about this, but sometimes I'm still glad I do.  Any thoughts on this?  Do you ever feel like blogging openly about your family is a safety issue?  Discuss.   


  1. When I began my blog, it was for family who lived far away (I am from CA, and we live in UT--I have family as far as MO and VA). My blog is unlisted and unsearchable, so only if you have the URL can it be accessed. It wasn't until my blog started to gain popularity after Jeremy was born that I began to worry about safety issues. There are times I have wondered if I should implement nicknames or create a new blog just for Jeremy--it is still a current thought, but I try to be safe about things. Never posting where exactly we live, last names, dates we will not be home, that sort of thing. I love comments on my blog, and to know that others are following our story. I am a follower of a couple public blogs who don't seem to have any privacy concerns at all (and these people have thousands of viewers), so sometimes I feel silly. With social engines like Facebook and twitter, where your information can be accessed and spread at the touch of a button, so much can be seen online anyway. How much is too much? Should I be more worried? I am curious to hear other thoughts as well. Should I be more worried about privacy?

  2. I've never had an issue, and I've never heard of anyone who has. That being said, I do think safety/privacy is important. Do what you think it best. It's so easy to access people's information anyways, that it seems that if someone was really smart enough they could track you down through other means by looking up tracking codes, etc (I have no idea how that all works).

  3. For me, it's less of a safety concern and more a privacy thing. I'm so open on my blog, and my kids are too young to be outraged at what I share. I don't want their names to be "google-able" yet, and I don't want to have to be forced to censor myself. :)

  4. Linda P.11:28 AM

    Since I don't have a blog, I can't speak from that perspective, but simply put, if you feel more comfortable not giving out your real names, then I say do what makes you most comfortable!

  5. I think you're very wise to have kept your privacy. There haven't been any issues *yet* that I've heard of either, but you never know and the safety and privacy of your children is top priority. You are one of the few blogs that I read that keeps the names private and I have always appreciated and respected it.

  6. We started our blog just for family, so it was no big deal to use names then. Honestly though, now I do wish I would've started out without their real names but the cat's out of the bag now. On the other hand, I think about all the bloggers with enormous popularity who use real names and get the sense that if they don't have issues, I'm not sure why I should. My husband and I talk about this a lot actually. So on the fence.

  7. My blog also originally started as a family blog and not that I've got mad readership or anything now, but, pretty much like Carri said (Hi Carri! Miggy, did you know Carri and I were dorm mates then roommates in college?! Woo!) the cat's out of the bag. I haven't had any issues, and since I'm not a big sponsored blog, I'm not too worried - I think probably 90% of our personal info is out there anyway... Just the other day I was looking up someone to fix our sink which is installed on a granite countertop and two days later, I received a bunch of granite installers coupons in the mail... freaky... That stuff freaks me out more. But other than that, I worry more about the weirdo's who live across from my son's preschool or in the very shady town we live adjacent to more than any online people. I don't post half naked pics of my kids on the blog, so other than that... well, I guess I don't think too much about it! :) But, like most people have said, you need to do what feels right to YOU!. :)

  8. I want my blog to be a place where I can go and write without worrying what people will think, so I try to keep my last name out of it. I've checked and you can't directly find my blog when I'm googled. This is also important because I'm a teacher and the last thing I want is my students finding my blog!! Then again, I have about three readers, and one of them is my mom, so I am probably safe!!! :-)

  9. Thanks for you input guys. Good things to think about.

    Chelsea--excatly...the YET is the part that concerns me. I can't help but think that sometime somewhere people giving out too much information on line about their family in particular is going to be a bad thing.

    MS--And yes! Even if it's not a safety concern, it's a privacy one.

    BUT because a lot of well known bloggers out there talk about their kids, where they live, etc I too think...well maybe it's not a big deal.

    I'm still not sure...sometimes I think it may be something I change but for now I'm glad to know I'm not the only one and that people respect the decision.

  10. I think it is smart you have kept their names secret. I wanted to do the same thing when Asher came along, but somehow I guess I was just lazy about it. It seemed like it was going to be a lot of work to keep it secret, with people posting his name in comments, etc. I kind of wish I had though, just for a little peace of mind. I think since you've done it this long you should continue to do it.

  11. Anonymous12:26 AM

    I do not have a blog so I am not sure if I know what I am talking about :-) but ....
    Pictures would worry me more then real names, first names. Obviously you do not want to post, first, last name, address and ss#. But really, what will posting a real first name change? Can it bring anything negative? I do not think so. But it make a reader feel "closer" .... ?? I do not know how to express it. English is not my first language. I think popular bloggers would not be popular without everything being real, including names. But then again, it is just internet so you can write what you wish and dream about, including lies.

  12. I love my blog and love that it is an outlet for me to be able to journal my thoughts and follow my daughter's little life. Having said that, a blog is not the wisest choice when it comes to identity protection and overall safety. So, here is what I did to prevent anyone from easily getting information that I don't want available.

    A. I'm not so much concerned about my child's name being on the internet (you'd be amazed the information that can be found already about your children, etc on the internet). I am more worried about my little girl's SSN being stolen. So I am careful to not post exact dates that give indicators to her birth (although a smart thief could probably figure it out). I always fudge the date a little within the month she was born.

    B. Child Identity Protection Act (CIP) for the state of Utah. I have been following this program since it's infancy through the Utah Attorney General's office. The CIP has recently been set up for a child's SSN to be guarded until they are 17-years-old. Parents are now able to go online, enter their child's SSN number and shut the SSN down. Basically, no bad guys can use the SSN to open credit cards, etc. Check to see if your state has issued a CIP program. If not, push your state's legislature to put this into place, effective immediately.

    C. My husband and I purchased an identity protection plan that prohibits anyone from using our information to open credit cards or tap into our bank account, etc.

    D. Check It is a bad site that lists household members names, financial information, children's information and addresses on it for everyone to look in and see. You can go in and request that your name be removed immediately. Do that as soon as you can if you do find you or your husband listed. Check all states that you have lived in, since you two have moved around a bit.

    E.Lastly, be careful not to mention that your husband is "away" for the week. (You can mention it after the fact, but not during.) Also, don't say you are going away for the weekend or running up to another town for the day--again, until after it has happened.

    Probably more information than you originally wanted. Keep blogging but remember to always stay cautious.


  13. I do know a girl who had some random guy show up at her work with a binder FILLED with her blog entrees about her 2 daughters. Needless to say, she immediately went private and became much more careful. I have a tracker to see where people are looking from and get concerned when it's from countries far away but at the same time- isn't it the icky guy hopefully NOT next door we should be most concerned about?
    I do use first names but if I had a big readership like you- I wouldn't.

  14. Ha Miggy! For the longest time I thought you really had named your daughter Lamp!!! I thought it was a little odd.... Too funny. I have a private blog so I don't worry about it. I get a little weirded out when I see people that I only distantly know but feel like I REALLY know because of reading their blog. You know what I mean? Like I might be the creepy one because I know all their kid's names, etc? (don't worry I'm not creepy;)). I think being public exposes you to more things good and bad. Keep writing. I especially love the Friday spotlights.

  15. Anonymous2:37 AM

    my blog isn't private, though i can't imagine anyone who didn't know me being interested! that said, i just use the first initial of all my kids' names and my husband has an alias. i just felt more comfortable at the beginning (and that was in 2008) so i've kept it up. i respect either choice but i do think it's fun when other bloggers have fun with making up 'blog names'.

  16. For me, it's about allowing my child to choose their own online identity. In 15 years when my oldest is in college or getting his first real job and his employer does a google search (you know, if it still exsists), I don't want blog posts about his childhood to pop up. I think that limits his ability to change himself (because everyone can read about how he was as a child) and frankly, it would be awfully embarressing.
    So we stick with nicknames.