This Little Miggy Stayed Home: How to Write a Crazy Love Letter

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to Write a Crazy Love Letter

Click on this link (make sure to open in a new browser), listen to the song and keep reading. 

I had received an anonymous (at least anonymous at the time) package in the mail asking for my participation in an art performance?  Project?  Not sure.  Anyway the instructions were to hang these posters someplace public, take pictures, return and report and all that.  The posters are instructions on writing a crazy love letter.  I was supposed to do this for 7 day's ending on Valentine's day...I did it all yesterday (such a rebel).     

In the name of art I threw the kids in the car, cranked up the music (the song you're listening to) and hung some posters.  Keep listening and check out the pictures below and you should have a pretty good idea of the whimsical and upbeat vibe I had while hanging some posters on a random wooden fence in a run down shopping mall.      


Please note:
1)  My eldest daughter's outfit.  It looks like I told her, Hey.  Mom's going to go participate in this Valentine's themed art project about writing crazy love letters.  Do you think you could put an outfit together that would sort of encapsulate that general sentiment?  But I did no such thing.   This outfit was her own genius.  With her jammies still underneath and rhinestone studded pink cowgirl boots.  You can't make this stuff up.    

2)  The fence is rad is it not?  Perfect back drop.

3)  I loved the opportunity to participate in something bigger than myself and a little out of the norm.  Such a small thing, but frankly it put a spring in my step.  The word I would say best described my experience was invigorating.  

Have you ever participated in a collaborative art project?  Do you think you'd be willing to?  I've done it before and I really dig it.  Maybe I should put something together....


  1. vote = put something together!

    (you and your people are so rad)
    (thank you [for being alive])


  2. p.s. i also love the super meat market sign in the background... i miss texas. a lot.

  3. I did this too. I was surprised how much I love it!