This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Unprofessional Photo Shoot

Monday, January 09, 2012

Unprofessional Photo Shoot

We're not professional photographers by any means, but I think B's impromptu photo shoot with Lamp this weekend turned out pretty well.  

Love that sweet mug.  


  1. OH she's so cute! And I love that paint job on the chair! So simple and cool!.... sorry to notice the chair with that precious one sitting in it! I swear I swooned over her first!!

  2. I can't get over her darling cleft in her chin. So dang cute.

  3. Linda P.1:20 PM

    So sweet! Love 'em all, but especially the second pic. : )

  4. The photos are OK. If only the subject matter were cuter....

    Honestly...never met a cuter little bundle of a girl. (Except for my Lucy) It was everything about her, including those around her. Sister, father, mother.

  5. Lamp is looking so mature. Where is your little baby?

  6. Thanks all!

    Erin--Ha! No worries, I'm glad you noticed the chairs I just painted them last week....even gave them a post of their own. But yes priorities--Lamp, then chair.

    Janice--I have to say it's one of her and her sisters' more adorable and oft noted feature.

    Linda--Me too, love the 2nd.

    Molls--Haha! If only she had been in a better mood when you met her.

    Georgia--I know. She's all growsed up. Talks, talks, talks up a storm. I should get a video of her talking up. It's pretty awesome.

  7. She is just so beautiful! These pictures just scream sweetness.

  8. Oh, Lamp is so adorable! And I think she's looking less like a baby, more like a little girl. Great photos!

  9. She's a TODDLER!

    And she looks so much like B it cracks me up. Little B.

  10. Az--exactly! She's a toddler. She's even in nursery now. Crazy.

  11. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Truly "Sweet Cheecks" & "Kissy Lips"!!! What a sweetheart!
    Love the photos... B did do a great job!