This Little Miggy Stayed Home: No Spotlight. Boo!

Friday, January 20, 2012

No Spotlight. Boo!

Do you know what the hardest part of doing the Special Needs Spotlight is?  Finding families to spotlight.  I've been so lucky and fortunate to have people email me about themselves or their friends, and I'm so grateful, but it's starting to slow down!  So I to ask you to please, spread the word on your blogs or to your friends about the spotlight.  If you know a family with a special needs child I would LOVE to feature them on my the blog.  It doesn't matter if the particular diagnosis has been done before, each story, family and child is unique.  Please email inquiries to thislittlemiggy at gmail dot com.  If you (they) have a blog please send me the link, if not a quick intro/bio about your story will do.  Thanks!

In lieu of the spotlight I'd like to share this video (pictured above) about a very cute little boy who happens to be a child model who has appeared in national ad campaigns and who also happens to have down syndrome. I particularly like the message that really comes across in this piece that, of course he's in these photos...he's just an ordinary kid doing ordinary kid things.  I couldn't agree more.  
Watch the video and read the article here.


  1. I love your spotlights. I have been following a blog from a fellow adoptive mom that her child was diagnosed with FOP. Her blog for her daughter is:

    I don't know her personally but she seems pretty open with her journey. Thanks for doing this.

  2. I don't know if this story would be of interest to you or not, but I know a girl who had a baby last year who ended up being diagnosed with Caroli’s Syndrome...a liver problem. After months and months of trying to get a transplant, their little girl passed away back in August. They now have a foundation in her honor.

    Here's her blog:
    Here's the foundation website:

  3. I have a lot of friends who might be interested I will get you their emails. I have one sweet friend who is 11 and she has SMA herself. I thought it might be awesome for her to do one so others can see how children themselves feel about some of these things. What do you think? I will get you her email and you can do it if you want! I love the spotlights!

  4. Hi Girls

    My name is Jenna and i came across your site. U are an amazing, precious gift, and a special earthly angel. U are an amazing, handsome courageous, determined, positive and strong fighter. U are an inspiration, brave warrior, and a smilen champ. U are a princess hero, a beautiful trooper and a tough cookie. U are full of life, spunk, joy, smiles, happiness, laugh, love, and hugs. U will be in my in my thoughts and prayers. I am sending hugs and smiles ur way. I have a rare life threatening disease. I love it when people sign my guestbook.

  5. Anonymous1:10 AM

    You should checkout Super cute little girl who would make the perfect spotlight!

  6. i second ruth schultz! she was my in my ward when i was in high school in CA, and my hair stylist to boot, i've always looked up to her. she has 3 cute boys and a cute little girl named davy who has a chromosome deletion and has to have a mickey button in her tummy, among other things. they're a rad family!

  7. I love keeping tabs on this blog!

  8. Sarah2:13 PM

    I forgot one other family that would be great.

  9. I stumbled upon your blog and your girls are gorgeous, my daughter who also is gorgeous LOL would be an awesome spotlight. My blog is

    I don't update very often but that needs to change.

    Christina Wooley
    a preemie mom

  10. Anonymous11:17 PM

    I love your blog. Thank you for sharing your life. My friend Shannon has a beautiful special needs daughter, Kate, with Cerebral Palsy and a few other disabilities. I love reading about her experiences.

  11. Thank you everyone! I'm still getting around to contacting all these amazing families. Thank you.

  12. I love reading your spotlights! I even personally know one of them...Wyatt and his Mom Bree from a few months ago. Bree and I were both pregnant with our first babies at the same time and were attending the same church together as well.

    I'm not sure if you would be interested in spotlighting a child with ADHD. My oldest daughter {as well as my husband} both have ADHD. She just turned 7 in October and we have spent the last few years finding the right treatments to help make her life easier. I know that ADHD is common in many children and maybe other moms would be interested in what we have been through. Just an idea! our family blog is
    Have a great day!!!