This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Master of Disguise

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Master of Disguise

It's amazing to me that this beautiful face, seen here modeling sisters pop-bead earrings... also the same face seen here, modeling her pureed spinach...  

....Which sorta reminds me of this face, seen here. 

How does she do it?  


  1. Linda P.7:13 AM

    Hilarious!!!! I was making the same comparison when I saw zee eville face of Lamp, and then when I clicked on your link, I saw that you had thought of it, too! Too funny, that Lamp.

  2. I so wish I didn't click on that link! Ha ha! Does lamp have green eyes. She is such a little cherub, even with the spinach! I love those pop beads. P got them as a bday gift in Utah, but we weren't able to take them back to Boston with us. they provided hours of entertainment.

  3. I love both faces! PSP and Lamp are all the entertainment one needs for everyday joy! Thank you for sharing! BTW, the pics in the last post are gorgeous! You and your husband make some fine looking ladies!

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  5. Anonymous11:05 PM

    OH MY!!! The clicky link should have a warning :-) Now I will not be able to sleep.


  6. Linda--Right?

    Terese and Anon--Sorry! It should have a warning. I've never actually seen the movie which is good because the pictures alone are scary enough. And Terese--her eye color is still a little ambiguous...was blue, now we're not sure

    Kiki--thank you!

    PM--And thank you! I'll be looking you up soon!

  7. Lamp and Lily feel the same way about puréed spinach. The pic with the earrings is precious. Everyone needs PSP in their life and to accessorize their life. Love it!