This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Dipped Chairs

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Dipped Chairs

A side project I did while B was making the new bed were these dipped leg chairs.  I first saw this look on some Anthro chairs a few years ago.  Recently Jenny of Little Green Notebook did a post about dipped legs and I knew it was something I wanted to try.   

As she talks about in her post the idea is that the legs look like they were dipped in paint.  Or like my chairs-- it looks like the rest of the chair was dipped in paint while the chair legs remain their natural wood color.  I knew that I wanted my chairs to be painted white with natural legs--although just painting the bottom of the chair legs would have been a much faster job.  

I started with these thrifted kids chairs and taped the legs off where I didn't want any  paint to be.  I couldn't decided if I wanted a just a little natural wood showing or a lot, so I did two different lengths.  I'm glad I did--it gives some variety while maintaing the overall look.  

Next I used some wood putty to fill in any holes or deep scratches.  Then I simple sanded it off after the appropriate dry time.  

Next,  I decided that I wanted to keep the hardware underneath paint free, so I unscrewed each leg and removed the hardware.  Not a big deal, and probably not something most chairs will have, but little detail I wanted to give some attention to.

Then I spray painted a nice glossy white.  This was done outside (and then in the open garage when it got a little too windy).  It took a few coats and even sanding down some drips and reapplying the paint.  It took a couple days.  Once it was finished I put the hardware back on and reattached the legs.  See?  I like the hardware unpainted.  

Then I untaped and voila!  

I think they turned out great!    

Right now they're in big sister's new room, but I'm not sure that's where they'll stay.  They might just be cute enough for the family room.  
A simple and cost effective project, with a strong design impact.  Ka-pow!  



  1. Oh my goodness these are adorable!!!!!!! You are so awesome! K, so I love love the bed in that room!!! Do you have a pic of the full thing??? Such an awesome idea!!

  2. Love! The chairs totally stood out to me in your last post. They look so good!

  3. I love these! You are so creative!!

  4. i might have to steal those. they were cool before, but now they're killer. good work!

  5. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Yes, I noticed them too in your last post. Love the glossy white... And only a girl with "Design Verve" like you would do asymmetrical legs... Fabulous!

    They totally top off the room... and what a fun and functional room it is! PSP loves her "floating bed"! Way to make bed time fun!

    Mom (aka G.G.)

  6. The asymmetrical legs are a very nice touch. Great job, girl!

    PS- happy birthday!

  7. Linda P.1:56 PM

    It's your birthday??? Thanks for the tipoff, MelancholySmile! Wishing you a very happy birfday, Miggy!

    I love those chairs, too! It is a technique I hadn't heard of before.

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