This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Bedroom Reveal

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Bedroom Reveal



So there it is, the finished product and before we go any further yes there is a guard rail so she won't fall off, it's just not in the pictures.  Also, I wish I had some before pictures of her bedroom but I don't.  We didn't paint anything--the wall was already purple.  Actually the whole room was purple when we first moved in, but we toned it down by painting 3 walls white the first week we moved in.  The styling is very similar to the original inspiration picture--some of this is on purpose, most of it is not.  Here are some poladroids of the process:

 The frame


Rapunzel making a castle with leftover blocks 

Undoubtedly the hardest part--mounting the bed to the wall.  
The platform is very, very heavy. 

 Yay!  The platform is hung!  
(We used steel rope as opposed to regular rope for the supports.  Being the safety police I wanted to use the most sturdy product.  I still like the look, but in hindsight I'm sure the rope would have been just as good.)  

The ladder--this deserves it's own post.  Hand made by B, it took as long as the rest of the bed.  
It's a piece of art.  

 Our little model wanted to keep posing and posing...

and posing.  

I think she likes it.  



  1. It looks great! Thanks for sharing the finished room. Where did you get the pretty quilt?

  2. I love it! It looks awesome!

  3. Thanks you guys!

    Kath--that's a quilt I made for her toddler bed...I want to make a bigger one for her new twin...not enough time in the day I tell you.

  4. Linda P.7:45 AM

    What a great job y'all did! I bet PSP is pleased as punch to have such a special bed and room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Kathy8:50 AM

    I love PSP's new bed! B did such a great job on it. I especially love her posing in the pics, and my favorite is PSP with B on the frame.

  6. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I just can't get over the fear of it falling, especially if she were to be underneath it! But it's very cool.

  7. This is just so incredibly cool.

  8. I'm sure she loves it! So darling.

    I have a question. Did you put in that wood floor or was it there when you moved in? Do you like the color of it? I love fact it is just what we are looking for. You wouldn't happen to know what brand it is would you?

  9. I LOVE this post! You two are so fun! Your daughter has no idea how GREAT she has it with you two as her parents! Good job to both of you. Seriously, what a team! :)

  10. That is incredible! Can't believe you guys made it all by yourselves! She is a lucky little girl. :)

  11. I actually gasped when the first photo loaded. It is so awesome!! And I love all the little details, especially those painted chairs with the natural legs. {I've been wanting to dip the legs of a few of my chairs ever since Little Green Notebook posted about them!} Love the room! You guys rock!

  12. Awesome! I would like to sleep in a hanging platform bed, too. Can you hang a King Size bed? :)

  13. Thanks everyone!

    Anon--I know! I felt the same way...which is why I made my husband test it out over and over--it's sturdy. He guarantee's it.

    Grandma H--No we didn't install that floor! In fact it's original to the house built in the 1950's. Sorry!

    MS--So glad you noticed those! They'll get a post of their own esp. since I also had the urge since LGN posted about them as well!

    Tamra--Good luck with a king, is all I have to say.

  14. Seriously impressive, B!

  15. That looks SO fantastic!!! Great job! Love love love it. :) I'm sure your little girl does too!

  16. I seriously want a grown up bed just like this.

  17. AMY. I'm dying.

    I seriously want to hire you to re-do my entire apartment (and wardrobe, and style etc.)

    You have a real gift- a true artist.

  18. It looks great! Nice job.

  19. AHHH!!! I love it!