This Little Miggy Stayed Home: The Art-a-Thon is Back

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Art-a-Thon is Back

Princess Sparkle painted this sometime last year at her pre-school, I believe when she was still 3.  I love everything about this painting.  I love the colors, the design, the brushstrokes, the simplicity and I love that my daughter did it.  I saved it and saved it and finally got a frame for it a couple weeks ago.  As much as I want to save every picture she paints and draws, it's just not realistic and most of them get thrown away.  The special ones get photographed and put in her digital portfolio, but this one...this one I knew that not only could I never throw it away, but that it needed a frame and a permanent place on our wall.  I've painted with my daughter plenty of times and what usually happens is a simple picture starts to emerge, then another color is added, and another and more and more until it's just one giant smear of paint usually somewhere in the brown color story.  And there's nothing wrong with that, I remember doing that quite a bit when I was a kid too...more, more, more!  So to see this beautiful and simple painting that shows so much restraint and maturity, as well as confidence... I was amazed.  And inspired.  

For one of my birthday gifts my husband brought me a stack of pre-cut wood to paint on (I paint on wood panels, as opposed to canvas) and took the liberty of scheduling me 4 Art-a-Thon's this year.  My first 24 hour Art-A-Thon will be January 27th-28th (Friday evening to Sat Evening).  Out of everything that my husband can give me, the gift of time and encouragement so that I can paint is probably what means the most.  In case you forgot, I had my first 24 hour Art-a-Thon a couple years ago, wherein I had 24 hours to produce 3 paintings (I set the parameters ahead of time, including subject matter and number of paintings).  It was a great experience with some decent results.  I'd like to encourage anyone else who wants to participate to do so....especially you artists turned stay-at-home-moms who seem to have let art slip through the cracks as life and motherhood took over.  

What a lucky wife and mom I am to have a family who encourages and inspires me where my first love, art, is concerned.  

*Just a little detox update.  I know it's only been one day, but I was surprised to find that last night I was especially tired and had a headache...the detox warns of such symptoms in the first few days.  Also, while most of the food has been delicious,  this morning's kale/parsley/lettuce/mango/ginger green smoothie is nasty.  No two ways about it.  


  1. That really is quite the impressive price of art! I need to frame some of my kiddos masterpieces one of these days...

    Looking forward to the art-a-thon! I'm going to try to participate, though in the past, I've experienced major artist' block when under pressure. ;)

  2. Impressive PIECE of art. Dang iPhone....

  3. Linda P.6:56 AM

    I love your analysis of Princess Sparkle's art piece. I think it is great to frame it, and I bet she will be so proud.

    Your Art-a-Thon sounds so fun! Does B take the kids out of the house, or does he just make sure that he is the one in charge of their entertainment and needs during those 24 hours? I checked out your past Art-a-Thon, and your paintings are very nice!

    I have several art pieces I have done on stretched canvas using fabric, trims, yarn, glitter, Mod Podge, hot glue, and more! They are bright and colorful, and I really love them. They are mostly flowers in vases. It has been quite a while since I've made one, though. Time for another? : )

  4. Yup, whenever I "diet" (low carbs and no sugar), which I just started yesterday, I have to warn my husband that I get tired, cranky and get headaches.
    I feel like total crap today but know I will feel great soon.

  5. Good luck on your art-a-thon. I know this has nothing to do with art, but you might like this song a mom blogger wrote about the Gilmore Girls. Just sayin':

  6. Just love the awesome, amazing, so simple idea of a digital portfolio. Can't believe I haven't thought of it myself. Thank you!