This Little Miggy Stayed Home: 35

Thursday, January 05, 2012


It's true. Tomorrow is my birthday. I wasn't planning on saying anything--not because I'm too modest mind you--but because the cleaning and the kids didn't really permit me today. And the fact that I'm 35. That is the first birthday since 17 that has sounded really old to me. Not that there's anything wrong with old, mind you (again). But then I came to the mall tonight to maybe grab a treat, take a pre-birthday break and it turns out I left my wallet at home, but not my here I am.

 If you'll allow me to be a little (read: a lot) self indulgent on my birthday I'd like to share some little known facts about me. Little known on this blog at least. Last night I got en email from a dear old friend that reminded me about some of our youthful, reckless adventures. Like the time we told our parents we were sleeping over at each others houses so that we then had to find a 3rd yet unknown location in which to sleep for the night. That was a fun little game. We ended up sleeping in our friend Spencer's closet. Believe me when I say this was a really big closet. The next time we pulled this little shenanigan we ended up in sleeping bags on Spencer's front lawn. I still remember his mom walking out to get the paper in the morning with a very confused look on her face. As soon as she walked back inside we threw the sleeping bags back in Spencer's basement window and took our leave. Lucky for us we had a Spencer in our lives.

 The other thing she reminded me of was my enduring love for Led Zeppelin. It's true, my first head over heels, posters plastered everywhere, mix tape after mix tape, musical love was Led Zeppelin. My first cd was Zeppelin II. I read books and biographies. I was obsessed. Later in college when I learned the guitar Tangerine was one of the first songs I could play, followed by as many other Zeppelin songs I could figure out.

Admittedly I was a little proud and brazen about my love and knowledge of all things Zeppelin, especially when it came to guys.  Silly?  Yes, but it made me feel cool.  Once in college a guy challenged me to a Zeppelin trivia duel. Apparently he thought I was frontin'. After 15 minutes he humbly conceded that I was in fact superior in all things Zeppelin. Another time some friends and I were hanging out with some guys we didn't really know that well. One of them started playing Babe I'm Gonna Leave You on the guitar. It's a classic, finger picking tune. It wasn't a great rendition but not terrible either, it seemed like he was still learning the song. Anyway, I said something about really liking that song. He sorta sneered and said, Oh really? You know this song?

 I wasn't having that shiz.

 I said, Yeah I really like Led Zeppelin. But when I play that song I usually play it like this...and I took the guitar out of his hands and played that mother with nary a mistake.  I handed back the guitar and said I had to go, but thanks for letting me play and oh let me know if you need any pointers. OK I didn't say that last part, but I do remember his jaw on the floor. The turd.

 Ahh, the good ol' days. I'm not exactly sure why the need to share my Zeppelin love with you tonight, but I think it has something to do with my friend's email. An email which prompted me to get the Led out on the way to the mall tonight.  An experience which found me enjoying traffic as I sat there singing and screaming duets once again with my beloved Robert Plant, reminding me that I'm either a young 35 or an old 17.

Happy Birthday to me.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for sharing. Hope it's a good one and you get to go back to the mall with your wallet!!

  2. oh happy day! happy birthday.

  3. i was there for that duel! it was amazing!

  4. Oh Miggy, you made me laugh! "I wasn't having that Shiz..." You're funny! Maybe next time you can share your love for Dashboard Confessional. I remember. Happy Birthday friend! Love you lots!

  5. Linda P.8:19 AM

    Ha ha! Loved the Led Zeppelin stories and how you showed those guys who was boss. I would have LOVED to see you crank out that Zeppelin tune on the guitar after that doubter guy tripped over his rendition. You rule, Miggs!

    I hope you have a really, really nice bday and that we get to hear a bit about it. : )

  6. Happy Birthday! It's funny how I find out that people I really feel pulled to, have a birthday close to mine (7th). I was in San Antonio between Christmas and New Year's and I sent you and your family many blessings! 35 is NOT old! You haven't even touched the tip of that yet! Especially with your attitude! BTW, Linda P always writes what I'm thinking! I wonder if her birthday is around now! Linda P, you rule too! :)

  7. Anonymous2:53 PM

    oh! happy birthday!

    (i love led zeppelin, too.)

  8. Linda P.7:49 PM

    Awww, Kiki, thank you! And my bday isn't tooo far away. It's the first week of February. ; )

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday to you! :)

  11. I'm only a year behind you, and my love was heavy metal. I totally get what you were saying. It's funny how a song can take us back to 17, for better or worse. Man, are we really this old?? Most of the time I still feel like a dumb teenager that doesn't know sh*t...!

  12. Happy Birthday Miggy!
    I don't know you in person but I'm an avid reader of your blog. Your posts about your family, especially your children make my day all the time. I'm still single and always think of your family as the role model. : )
    As I said I don't know you, but I just want to remind you that you have achieved so much at 35 - you've got great husband and beautiful two girls; you've got great talents in creativity; you've got really nice tastes in things; and you seem like a person with a heart that can truly feel happiness in life! : )

    As for your reminding of Led Zeplin love - I think it's a proof to show that we never get old in heart. I'd like to think that we get wiser in life with young heart as we physically get older. That's why we should celebrate every birthday and that's why you deserve huge congratulations for your 35th birthday!

    Again, happy birthday!