Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stockings Part 2: For Grams

My second stocking post is for my Grandma, who also happens to be one of my most loyal readers.  

As I was looking through fabric to make new stockings last week I came upon this old suit that once belonged to my Grandma.  

As you can see it's a beautiful, albeit worn, suit with gorgeous beaded detailing.  The color in these photos is not accurate as it's more of a dark fushia and not a brick red.  While I've wanted to make something with this vintage suit for a while I couldn't ever figure out just what to make.  I wanted it to be something special that would be around for a long time.  Last week I had my ah-ha moment for this suit when I decided to make a stocking.  

It turned out great, although I may need to add a lining or some interfacing to the bottom so that it has a little more structure.  I'm so glad to have this heirloom stocking as part of our family Christmas tradition.  Handmade is one thing, but handmade with a special memory or keepsake attached makes all the difference.  I'm going to love pulling this stocking out at Christmas time year after year.  

Love you Grams.  


  1. I absolutely love this idea... I'm a sentimental soul so this especially impressed me.

    P.S. Stacey opened her gift early and LOVED the pillow cover... yea! I knew she would appreciate it as much as I did.

  2. Linda P.8:51 AM

    This is so sweet, Miggy! What a great idea.