This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Stockings Part 1: Tutorial

Monday, December 19, 2011

Stockings Part 1: Tutorial

We've been in need of some new Christmas stockings.  While Princess Sparkle has a beautiful Anthro-after-Christmas-sale ice skate stocking, B and I were holding onto some homemade stockings I never really loved.  Meanwhile, little Lampy didn't even have a stocking at all!  

First I decided to wanted to try a knit stocking using some old sweaters.  After a trip to Goodwill I came back with a small red sweater.  Add to that a soft angora blend white sweater I already had and I got to work!  I really like the end result.       

Here's a tutorial if you're interested:

1 & 2.  Trace a stocking pattern onto some scrap fabric.  (Make it longer than you'll want the final stocking...I'm not factoring seam allowance, length wise, into the pattern.  Also, I made the mistake of not making the foot part long make that extra long as well--you'll see how I fix that problem in the end).   Then, make the lines on the stocking of how you want the stripes to be divided.  Remember the more stripes the more it will shrink due to seam allowances.  Also, number each stripe in order so you know how to assemble them back together.  

3.  Now cut the pattern along the stripes.  (It also helped me to write R for red and W for white on each stripe so I knew what color to cut out each stripe).

 4.  Now law out your pattern pieces on the sweater and cut out 2 pieces for each pattern piece--I just doubled up the sweater to cut both pieces at one time.  If your sweater has a "right and wrong" side makes sure you fold your fabric and get one piece cut on the "right" side and one piece cut on the "wrong" side.  You need 2 sides of the stocking going in opposite directions, if that makes sense.  Also, try to cut all the fabric along the same grain line....I learned that from project runway.

Another tip--for the top of the stocking I wanted a finished look, so I cut the last pieces along the edge of a sweater.  Unfortunately since this sweater was rather small (toddler size 3) I didn't have enough for 2 pieces,  I had to sew a couple of pieces together to make one of the biggie.  

5.  Now assemble your pattern back together in order of stripes (this is where numbering comes in handy).  

6.  Then take off the pattern piece and lay it to the side.  Then take off the top sweater piece and flip it over so you're creating two different sides of the stocking...side by side.  (Is this confusing?  Look at the pictures). 

7.  Now starting at the top or the bottom sew the first two stripes together...make sure you put right sides together. 

8.  Continue with the next stripe again sewing right sides together like this.  I used my serger, but you can just use the zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine and it should be just fine. 

9.  Sew that all the way up....and then do the next side.  Now you have 2 stocking pieces!  

9.  Now placing right sides together pin the pieces in place (lining up the stripes as best as you can on each side) and sew around.  

Also, before you finish, grab a piece of sweater or some ribbon and make a loop for your stocking to hang by...make sure this is sandwiched between the stockings with the end hanging out of the seam.   

10.  Turn inside out and realize it's rather fat and stumpy.  Boo!  

11.  Luckily I made the pattern rather wide and I had plenty of room to work with so I turned the stocking inside out again, and then traced with tailors chalk the outline of my new stocking and simply sewed along that line.  I actually did this on both sides, but only took a picture of my outline on one side.  

12.  Turn inside out again and Voila! 

Overall I really like it!  While I love the Anthro stocking (middle) I really like the idea of homemade stockings and for the overall look to be eclectic and non-matchy--so I'm digging all the different styles.   Although I'm not sure this one is going to be Lamp's stocking forever, it's great for this year!  

  Any other good stocking tutorials out there?  Do you have family traditions when it comes to stockings?  


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    My dad died in 1999 I kept a lot of his sweaters. All of us ( husband, myself, and three kids) have stockings made from his sweaters. We love pulling them out every year. Most are patterned knits, but the one plain brown one reminded me of gingerbread so I sewed white rick rack around the edge and added a white chenille cuff on top with some fun coloured buttons. They are all perfect and different and keeps him with us during Christmas!
    Yours are excellent! Love the beading on grandmas!
    Merry Christmas,

  2. So easy. When I first started to read I thought, who has time to knit a whole stocking a few days before Christmas? Duh.
    I found the vintage knitted pattern on-line that my grandmother used to make our matching stockings. So when my niece was born, I made one for her that matches ours. And will hopefully knit more as more kids become a part of the family.

  3. Linda P.8:56 AM

    Isn't Goodwill great? I think this stocking is sooo cute, and if you wanted to change it up you could always sew on beads, buttons, trims, or appliques!