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Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa's Workshop

 I've just been finishing up some last minute DIY gifts for the girls.  So much fun this Christmas stuff.  First, I made this personalized memory game for Sparkle Pants as seen on Say Yes to Hoboken!  I love how it turned out!  I think she will too....    

 Next up are these blocks...I'm obsessed with these blocks!  I first saw these on etsy via Pinterest and decided to make a set for Lamp.  

The possibilities are endless! 

If you want to make your own here's what you do:

1) Purchase wooden blocks from craft store.  Mine were $1.99 for a set of 6.  I bought the last 2 packs, but I will definitely be making more.  
2) Sand them--each one, on every side.  The etsy blocks were only painted on one side, so they only sanded one side.  I painted on all sides, so I sanded all sides.  Didn't take that long.
3) Make sure you have an assortment of paint on hand--luckily I had a good stash of Glidden tester size paints from home depot (I stocked up when they were on sale for a dollar) and a few other colors.  In the end I used 7 different colors--gold, white, grey, dark purple, light purple, yellow and coral--and I also left some plain wood showing.
4) Then start painting!  Once I had my colors I just painted at random--no order, rhyme or reason.  I used tape to get the sharp diagonals and clean lines.  Even with just 12 blocks this took some time to paint, dry, tape, occasionally re-coat, rinse, wash, repeat.  But it was easy to do while watching some shows on Hulu.  Also, it was much easier to paint one color on one entire side of the block, and then tape the diagonal and paint the other side.  In the end I left some of those sides entirely painted.    

Sorry no Special Needs Spotlight again this week!  It's the Holidays, it's crazy!  
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!  


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