Monday, December 26, 2011

Post-Christmas Project

I want to do a Christmas recap, but now is not the time!  B mentioned that since he has almost the whole week off, he needed a project.  Hands down, one of my favorite traits about my husband is his ability and affinity towards building, making, and repairing almost anything.  Many a time I have thought there is no way you can pull that off and many a time I have happily eaten my words.  I'm always happy to be proven wrong when it comes to my husbands crafty skillz.  See examples here, here and of course most recently here.  

Long story short, Princess Sparkle needs a new bed.  She's been in her crib turned toddler bed for far too long she's starting to look like a giant Alice in Wonderland in a much-too-small-bed. We've looked for beds online, but when my husband said project I thought ...of course, we can make a bed.  And by we, I mean he.    

We found these bed's on Ana's White blog and instantly our project was born.  
(This room originates from the lovely little blog, The Bumper Crop.)    

I love the rustic yet modern look, which is mostly achieved through the styling.  And for our purposes, I also love the extra room that is created underneath the bed.  PSP's current room is a lot smaller than her previous one and so we had the idea of a loft bed to create more space from the get-go.  
As of tonight the actual hanging platform is finished!  Here's a sneak peek. 

 I'm hoping by the end of the week we'll have a mattress, ladder and a styled bedroom to show off for the internet.  I also hope I stop worrying that it's going to fall from all of its plentiful supports.  B is confident that this platform is stable and secure, but there is something about a suspended bed that sorta freaks me out.  Like these glass balconies from the Sears but freaky.  

So I'm thinking we might have time for another project...any iders?    


  1. Incredible! I've had that image in my Pinterest file for a whole {with three boys in one room, I may need it!} but it's awesome to see someone actually do it! PSP is going to LOVE it!

  2. It is beautiful - but, are you going to put up a rail or anything??? I am just so sure my kids would tumble out...I am probably too much of a headcase to let them have a platform bed. I am sure your daughter will remember it always - a dreamy, dream bed. What a post-Christmas present!!!

  3. Janice--Thanks!

    MS--I could totally see you doing this! A little FYI, it definitely cost more than the quotes of $30 or $60...More around $100 (but perhaps if you knew a place to score some cheap, free, reclaimed lumbar). AND if we were to do it again I wouldn't do 2x4's on the top, we'd opt for something a little lighter like 1x4's...plenty stable but a lot less weight. The platform alone is super heavy.

    Angela--Yes! We are def. going to have a guard rail of some sort...I wouldn't do it any other way. And yes she loves it so far--can't wait to sleep in it.

  4. ah!! i totally pinned those beds a while ago thinking that maybe we'd do that for the boys once they start sharing a room. so glad you're giving it a go. makes me more confident my hub could do it too! can't wait to see how it all turns out!!

  5. I have loved those beds when they were on Ana's blog. My kids would love something like that. They just get plain old bunk beds :(

  6. It is fun to see this happen makes it feel more realistically doable instead of just another awesome thing I saw online but will never do :)

  7. Linda P.7:33 AM

    Very cool! Can't wait to see the final product. Your hubby is a keeper!