This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Key-Ute

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


While in Utah--that's where I was BTW--I had a chance to stop at the Beehive Bazaar to check out some local crafty goodness.  Oh those modern Utah women know how to do a craft fair.  I fell in love with some super cute stuff and figured I'd pass on the goodies to you since these ladies have blogs/etsy shops!  Yay for you!

 First up is Jellabee.  I saw these hair bows and fell in love.  Such a beautiful and chic alternative to the giant flower headband.  These are so beautiful and so well made, I couldn't help but purchase a couple of the hair clips for Lampy--although I really wanted a headband I knew she wouldn't have it for a second.  Hurry and get your Jellabee hair accessories here before the 16th when she stops all Christmas orders!    

Next up is crafter and pal Nicole of Elsa bags.  She had some great Christmas decorations going on at this Bazaar and if packing them in a suitcase hadn't been an issue I would have purchased me some of her cute decorations.  She also sews up a storm and has lots of cute stuff for the kiddos.  Find her shop here and check out her blog here---right now she has a tutorial up on making vintage looking tree decorations!  Yay!     

Finally (because I have to get to bed and the internet is going soooo slow, but you should really check out all the artists on the Beehive Bazaar website) I'd just like to mention a couple more shops you should check out:

Darlybird--cute earings
Vinylacious--unique vinyl creations, I like the bibs
Trieste Prusso Design--love these Christmas decorations as well

Ok, I'm going to pass out now.
Hugs (not drugs),


  1. I went there as well. I COULD NOT GET ENOUGH! Glad you had a great stay in Utah.

  2. I went too and am very happy with my purchases. I wish I had run into you there. That would have been awesome.