This Little Miggy Stayed Home: I Was Gonna Post Today...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Was Gonna Post Today...

But then we decided to day trip it up to Austin. Yee haw. So I leave you with this cute picture of Lamp doing big eyes. If you say "Big eyes Lamp! Do big eyes..." this is what you get. Super cute if you ask me.

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  1. Ummm I don't know how to resize this picture from my phone. Awes.

  2. HeidiAnn11:07 AM

    So cute! That's so funny though, we do "big eyes" with Scarlet too-ask her in Primary, maybe she'll do it for you-have fun in Austin!

  3. Amazing... I'm glad it's not re-sized, because a picture this cute should be as big as possible!

    I want to teach Lucie this trick!

    And P.S. I want to hear your take on Austin... it's on our radar for after NYC, whenever that is.


  4. OK--I had to fix it...less pixilated too.

    HeidiAnn--that's funny...I'll have to ask her.

    Erin--Yes please teach Lucie and send me a pick. And I would LOVE to give you a better idea of Austin....we had big plans to check it out after our trip to Ikea. But somehow Ikea sucked up all our time (again) and we have yet to really hang out in Austin. We're going to need to do an overnighter there...then I'll give you the inside scoop.

  5. Linda P.7:27 AM

    Love that picture! Any fun IKEA purchases to tell us about? : D

  6. Anonymous12:48 AM

    Yes, super cute! I love "Big Eyes", especially Lamp's!