This Little Miggy Stayed Home: The Better Part of a Saturday

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Better Part of a Saturday

On Friday night, my husband said something about making a scale model gingerbread house of our current mid-century modern abode.  I don't even really remember where we were or many details of the conversation, but guess I said something to the effect of, yeah right.  Apparantly that was akin to removing my white glove and slapping him in the face.  The challenge was on.  The challenge I didn't know I had issued, that is. 

Saturday morning I found my husband and his 4 year old apprentice outside measuring the perimeter of our house.


Oh candy canes....what have I done? 

Luckily we happened to have all the ingredients on hand for gingerbread.  Luckily. 

At some point I became emotionally invested in this project as well.  It was probably when he sent me to the craft store to get some trimmin's.  He's so smart that one. 

In the end it was a family affair and I do believe we nailed it. 

Down to the planter box and porch supports.... 

...complete with Princess Sparkle's matching graham cracker cottage.  
That's a candy cane slide FYI.  

To be fair I never doubted that he could do it...I just didn't think he was serious. 

He was serious. 

1.  I was the only member of the family to change out of my jammies and shower on Saturday.      Coincidentally this also made for a much easier bedtime routine for the girls that evening. 
2.  It's not actually to would have only been 2 inches high if it were to scale, so B doubled the height for a better gingerbread house.  The only other obvious fabrication is the snow of course.  
3.  This was our first time ever making a gingerbread house from scratch.    
4.  If B did it to impress me....mission accomplished.  (Wink, wink.)  What can I say... a man who can simultaneously bake and craft turns me on.  

So that was our Saturday.  I have to say, it was kinda nice having nothing better to do than spend an entire day making a gingerbread house replica of our home.

Ho, ho, ho.



  1. ho ho ho. i love everything about this story.

  2. Oh my gosh, you all are amazing. I love it - take those photos and frame and put them up every year in Dec.

    My girls had sisters over and they all made the graham-cracker version - which I stuck together with RUBBER CEMENT ahead of time, no kidding. Yes, I sent children home with toxic g-b houses. There were just so many girls and I didn't want any of the houses to collapse while decorating. Ho ho ho (I did warn their mom of course). :>

  3. I'm pausing from crafting long enough to freak out over your awesomeness. LOVE it! Not only is the house itself rad, but the charming dynamics of your family make me smile.

    PS- will you eat it?

  4. Anonymous1:51 PM

    So awesome!!

  5. Anonymous6:35 PM

    What a fun memory your family will always have! You guys could turn this into a business -- I'd pay big bucks for a gingerbread model of our house... You guys are amazing! Love you!

  6. Linda P.8:49 AM

    I am impressed that B was such a sweetheart that he would do something special like this! In the midst of the busy-ness of the season, I agree that it was the BEST that you all felt the freedom to spend the day doing this fun project. What a great memory y'all made with the girls.