This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Weekend Fun and Goals

Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Fun and Goals

We had a fun weekend up at a cabin near a lake.  While we didn't do any actual camping since we slept in beds in a heated cabin--there was fishing, a fire, roasting marshmallows and s'mores.  I used to think I knew how to make a s'more...I have been officially educated by that brilliant husband of mine.  And while I don't particularly love marshmallows on their own, I love a good roasted marshmallow.   There is something about a roasted 'mallow.  Our fishing adventures were less exciting and prosperous.  We certainly had fun trying, but after a broken fishing pole we had to admit defeat and pack it up.  We also forgot our camera on this trip...and then shrugged our shoulders and decided it was better to live and enjoy in the moment than worry about capturing the perfect shot.  As much as I love it, sometimes technology gets in the way of actual living.  This getaway was just what my husband needed.  He loves camping and I do too, but not pregnant or with small children.  I know some of you out there do camp with do you do it?  

Also, after last week I made another goal.  I'm going to go without sweets until Thanksgiving.  This is more about discipline and freedom than about numbers on a scale.  Sometimes I just need to know I can do it hard things.

I've been thinking a lot about change lately.  The ability to change.  I admit there is a part of me that is jaded and has a hard time believing it's really, truly possible to change who we intrinsically are.  I've been wanting to make some changes lately but have been coming face to face with my own doubts and fears regarding this process and it's possibility to begin with.  I find that when confronted with the desire to change, starting with physical changes seems to be a good way to start--thus no sugar.  Also more exercise and earlier bedtimes.  Something that is hard, but do-able.  The taste of a little success seems to bring about the promise of more success.

Sorry to get all heavy on you on a Monday morning...but if you're up for a good read check this out, inspirational and part of the catalyst that's got me thinking about ch-ch-ch-changes.  

Happy Monday.


  1. I know you said the "no sugar" goal was not about numbers on a scale. But I have to share that you will see a number change on the scale if you don't eat sugar! :)

    You see, I used to think the "don't eat sugar" idea was really silly...until a few weeks ago when I had a mouth infection. My mouth was VERY painful and eating became a real chore. Thus, I conserved my eating energy for only VERY healthy foods, and stayed completely away from sugar - because it hurt like crazy to eat it! I wanted whatever calories I was eating to really count, i.e., good nutrition.

    Because of my healthy, NO-sugar diet (for about a week and a half) I LOST four pounds. Just like that! I was truly in shock. Previously, I thought the "No Sugar Diet" was a bunch of bunk, but I've lived the results and I'm changed forever!

    I was especially amazed at the weight loss considering that I didn't work out one bit - my miserable mouth made me too cranky to want to exercise! (Exercise is vital...don't get me wrong!) The weight loss truly happened because I eliminated sugar. Wow.

  2. Oh Migs, I wish we could hang out in person- I'm on the same wave-length. Just the whole concept of change has been on my mind a lot since my yoga certification- based on what I learned during the course, I now really and truly believe that even our thought patterns, our habits, our desires, our bodies- everything is so changeable, even on a cellular level and everything is synonymous- our bodies and our thoughts and our spirits. If you're interested in hearing my two bits I can email you so this comment doesn't get obnoxiously long. But put simply, I would suggest meditating- I'll give you a few tips if you want them. It's SO POWERFUL! Let's talk more about it sometime- I love your insights and your thoughtfulness and would love to hear your take on some of these things I just learned about.

    P.S. your camping trip sounded dreamy. Sigh. Jealous.


  3. You should try a smore that has a peanut butter cup on it instead of a plain chocolate bar. Now I will not eat a smore's any other way. Yummy!

  4. Just like the season's change within a year, we too can change. If we want to. That's the hardest part. To want it!
    I am trying to lessen my sugar intake as well (it was at heroin-like levels) and like Adrie says, I can contribute my latest weight loss to trying to avoid it (well, last Sunday I went a little nutso, but I'm back on track!)
    Change is good.
    Cabin and being just with my family sounds so divine! Thanks for sharing.