Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Knoll Chairs

Little known fact (at least on this blog):  My mom is an interior designer.

Another little known fact:  She has loved mid century modern decor since way back when I was a kid and thought it was super ugly.  

Yes, another even lesser known fact:  For her senior project at BYU she remodeled her dad's optometry office.  I spent a lot of time there as a kid and I remember this office well.  Two kid sized Knoll Bertoia side chairs were purchased for this office reno back in the early 80's (late 70's?).

The final little known fact:  When I was in high school my grandpa retired and sold his office building.  My mother saved those chairs knowing someday, someone--perhaps me--would really want and appreciate those chairs, especially since they are discontinued (the kids version).

Fact:  Good job mom.

The pictures aren't the best, but the chairs go great with our new place....I promise I will definitely do a home tour when we're ready because don't you want to know about the brick wall in this picture that contains actual fossils?  I thought so.... 


  1. Linda P.11:56 AM

    How lucky duck are you having a mom who's an interior designer! So glad you got these chairs! See, sometimes it IS a good idea to hold onto things "just in case you might need 'em someday." Way to go Miggy's mom. : )

  2. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Yahoo! And doesn't Lamp look stylish in her Bertoia Chair! I'm SOOO glad we have these... What special family memories they hold. So glad You have them now my Dear... And they are PERFECT for your new home. And your girls will enjoy them!

    Funny, I remember doing Daddy's office for my Senior Project... (one of my Professors even did the architecture).
    Then after I presented my Project at BYU... And then to Mom & Dad .... Dad said let's do it! And I said we're going to do the whole project, and Dad said yes... Everything, even the children's chairs!

    During my studies of Design, I noticed that the Scandinavian & Japanese cultures designed furniture for their elderly & their young. In other words everyone had access to good design. That wasn't always the case in America. Because I already had you & your brother, I was acutely aware of having good pieces for children in public/professional environments. The Bertoia Collection was always considered to be a well designed group, with great lines.... Beautiful , simple pieces that were also functional. And the fact that they had as a part of their collection, these spectacuar children's chairs, was thrilling.These pieces are part of The Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection (that's the MOMA). And they look great against your wall!

    Herman Miller used to have a small beautiful Eames children's chair. It was the "potato chip chair" with a heart cut out in back. It was a speciality item & only produced for a short time. It is fabulous, and extremely rare. Too bad, they should bring it back into the line.

    When I took Interior Design Students to New York City in 2001, we visited Knoll, of course! We were lucky enough to have Knoll's Historian talk to us. While I don't recall his name, he was a wealth of information. He was with Knoll in the early days , including the late 50's & early 60's. And of course, included as a part of Knoll's key collections is the Bertoia wire group. He told me at that time that the Bertoia Children's chairs had been discontinued some years before.
    "Hang onto those chairs, they're real collector's pieces!" he advised. Glad we did!



  3. You should totally go on Antiques Roadshow! The oldest thing in my house is our tv :)

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  5. Good taste runs in the family! Man, I want those chairs!

  6. The pics are ADORABLE!
    Pic #1 says: Oh here, have a seat.
    Pic #2 says: I needed this seat.

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