This Little Miggy Stayed Home: I Need Curtains!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Need Curtains!

We need some curtains for our friendship room*.  The single curtain hung sideways attached with a nail on one end and a paper clip on the other is losing it's charm.  I'm having a hard time finding anything I like in either curtains or fabric.  I actually found the curtains of my dreams, but it appears that I'm about 2 years too late.  

 I love this print--the perfect mix of organic yet graphic.  Bold, but monochromatic so as not to overwhelm.  But like I said, these are from Anthro about 2 years ago and while these are kinda similar $150 per panel is out of my price range.  I've checked Anthro, Urban and Ikea as well as spoonflower for fabric but I'm still on the hunt.  I know none of you have seen the room, but are there any secret places out there for great fabric or curtains that I might not be checking?  

Also, I'm going to say it right here, right now--no Chevron stripes!  Actually no zig-zags because what everyone is calling chevron is actually a zig-zag, and I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one bugged by this oversight.  I am making this distinction known because I have thought about putting up panels with opposing diagonal stripes to form one large chevron pattern...but zig-zag's?...sorry I just can't do it.  I still like a good zig zag, but as for a major design point in my room, I'm over it.    

*When we told PSP that that our 'second' living room is called the family room, she said,
 I know!  We should call it the friendship room!  


  1. while we're getting rid of giant misnamed chevron, can we also stop putting ruffles on everything?

    there's an estate sale up past universal city starting today with an entire room full of fabric! i want to go to there.

    and i pretty much have those curtains in green, so you could always come steal mine.

  2. Shannon10:07 AM


    I have similar fabric on one of my windows---it's actually a tablecloth but it fit the window.

    Did you look at the patterns on They seemed to have some similar---like the Amsterdam in chocolate (item 132164)? Looked like most were $9.99/yd. Haven't ever used this site but looked like they had some similar patterns maybe. I googled "modern damask".

  3. World Market has some cool curtains in fun patterns. Not if if they'd have exactly what you're looking for, but I love the store, I can always find something fun there.

  4. I soo get the chevron thing. I guess that means we are playing on the same team. You know, the team that knows that it's actually a tartan and not really a plaid. It's all in the details.

  5. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Try Z Gallerie. They have a fantastic selection!

  6. Jes--Absolutely--lets put an end to ruffled everything. And estate sale? fabric??? WHERE??? Details...maybe we should hit it up.

    Shannon--Hmmm, that fabric is a little more damask than I want, which is why I like the pattern in the pic...but thanks for the site, I'll check around!

    Amy--will check it out.

    Rebecca--OK, now you must educate me--what is the difference between a plaid and a tartan? I'm such a heathen--You might not want me on your team afterall...

    Anon--OK, not the first place I would have thought of, but I'll give it a look! Thanks!

  7. so, on my grad student budget... I've used both sheets & a duvet as curtains. both easy. both cheap. both great patterns. chop, chop. I did stitch a lining into the duvet (Ikea) to give it the weight/depth I wanted. curtain clips from Ikea & Target are holding them to the rod, tho your skills can do pleats & grommets. PS -- I love, love the room in your post!

  8. Mod Green Pod by Nancy Mims has some awesome fabrics, and are out of Austin. But they changed their website and there isn't much information on their Home Dec fabrics (I love some of the Robert Kauffman lines, but not hers). Don't know if being in TX will give you better access to info. But her stuff is right up your alley.

  9. Dang, my attempt at cheek never transmits well across state and internet lines. Plaid was orginally an article of clothing (I think a scarf or sash) but in American quickly became the descriptive word of choice for Tartan. So essentially there is no difference, just some history. And yes, you will always be on the team. It's just true.

  10. Anonymous11:05 AM


    There are great tutorials for DIY Drop cloth curtains-- you could get drop cloths from lowes/ home depot for cheap (I think 8-9 bucks per panel) and use a stencil and fabric paint to achieve a similar design:
    DIY stencilled dropcloth curtain:

    Stencil source:

  11. Saw this on Pinterest and thought it was somewhat close without actually being close at all...
    Good luck.