This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Dear Texas,

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear Texas,

Perhaps I've been a little hard on you.  

 I was not prepared to enjoy a warm, sunny and gorgeous day at the beach in October.  Thanks for making our last minute getaway gamble pay off.     

We even found a mermaid!  Isn't she beautiful?   

And while our little Lampy wasn't too sure about this sand and surf stuff at first,  it didn't take long for her to love it.  And she loved it.  

Oh and this one...she had a hard time saying goodbye.  

So while I still miss my fall leaves, apple picking and overcast skies, it's pretty hard to begrudge perfect sunny weather and warm ocean waters in October.  

So Texas... maybe I've been a little harsh.  
Thanks for the lovely weekend.     



  1. I love this post. So glad you are happy and the Texas God's are smiling. Your children are so sweet.

  2. Linda P.6:17 AM

    Awww, Miggy! Very sweetly said!

  3. Look at those waves! That looks so fun. Boston have puny to no waves. It feels like you're at the lake!

  4. Ah, so glad you got a break. Gorgeous pics