This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Bossy Pants

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bossy Pants

Someone is learning the art of verbal communication. 

She now points at the window and says side, in, she wants to go outside.

And she wants to swing.  
So dad jimmy rigged a seat belt and she swung

Oh these two.  

To be honest she's kinda turning into a little bossy pants.  She points at which food she wants to eat and when, she shakes her head no when she doesn't want something and nods yes when your offerings are acceptable.  Being at a disadvantage by not having the ability to go walk and get something herself or even grab something right in front of her she's a pretty reasonable tyrant.  And cuddly.  But let me just say thank heavens for Baby Einstein for those times when I need a break from our baby dictator.    

ps--Thanks again to Ness for last weeks spotlight!  
I really hope you guys are enjoying them as much as I am.  


  1. The most adorable tyrant EVER! I would love to be bossed around by her cute, cuddly self!

  2. I predict little Lamp will have verbal skills off the chart. :) As for me, she is TOO CUTE for words.

  3. her little smirk in the second picture cracked me up. and big sister has long hair!

  4. The Minnie Mouse dress adds that certain je-ne-sais-quois element to the whole swingset adventure... :> Darling, darling girls, both of them (my husband always says that "bossy" and "girls" are synonyms).

  5. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Bright, beautiful girls! And yes, I think Lamp will have many gifts. And that she nods her little head already, Too cute!

    Children are magical!


  6. Linda P.9:48 AM

    Great to hear how that Lamp Light of Your Life is blossoming and becoming her own very opinionated little person. I'm so happy she has a great mom and dad and sweetheart big sis.