This Little Miggy Stayed Home: No Fall

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Fall

It's not Fall here.  Not even a little bit.  Temperatures are still in the 90's.  
Oh bother.   

The younger me would have loved to live in a land of eternal summer...but the mature (read: old and crotchety) me craves the seasons.  I crave the sensory experience that allows you to actually feel the passing of time.   Feeling the crisp air, seeing the fall colors, hearing the crunchy leaves, tasting warm soup...every part of your body tells you time is moving along so you better enjoy it.  And often a new season of the year marks a new season in your life.  I like seasons.  So it is that I find myself in a season-less time warp.  Since there is nothing else in my world to tell me Fall is here, I guess I'm going to need to take matters into my own hands.  

I love both of these ideas below (although I can't remember where it's from?).  I definitely want to make those embroidered boo and eeeek decorations.  

I think Felted Acorns would be a sweet decoration in some random dish on the table

I should have bought this pumkin when I had the chance...but maybe I could make my own? 

And at some point I'm going to make my favorite kielbasa and lentil stew (Sorry I don't know where the recipe is) with the worlds best no kneed bread (From the New York Times).  

I know Martha's always got Fall ideas up the ying-yang, but any other great fall ideas to get me in the mood?   

PS. We FINALLY got our new ride yesterday.  Hooray for minivans! 


  1. would it be a blessing or curse to receive a box of cincy's finest fall leaves in the mail? say the word and they are on their way!

  2. yeah, there aren't seasons in texas. i grew up in dallas and we have summer, then fall is the day the leaves all turn brown and fall off, then there's semi-winter where you can get married dec 23 and have it be 70 degrees, then sometimes it ices in february, then it's summer all over again. but you get used to it!!

  3. Cool stuff! I like the embroidered eek and boo as well. :)

  4. I love the black decorations - so beautiful. And I love the way you describe feeling the actual passing of time. I couldn't agree more. I live in Las Vegas - we never have a Fall. Enjoy it for me when it comes.

  5. We had seasons when we lived in Lubbock but that is 7hrs. northwest of San Antonio, so sorry...

    Anywho, I just crank up the a/c a little more, wear my fall clothes inside and cook the soup anyway. The drought here has made the leaves "turn" a bit (at least enough to delude myself). I lived in Illinois when I was little, so I know what real Fall foliage is, but, I'll take whatever illusion I can find. As long as I don't have to be outside in the heat, I can usually do an ok job of fooling myself into Fall.

  6. umm.. I'm loving on that black hallween.. It is also ETERNAL SUMMER here in AZ and it's a little disturbing... just like a black halloween. Is that a litle dark? I think it's adorable and celebrates my feelings of missing fall. I think I'll be happier when others are trudging through the snow with strollers and I'm at my pool.. but I forgot about fall:( I miss is. Black halloween here I come

  7. Felt acorns? Cute. I guess maggot filled real acorns didn't make the cut this year, huh? :)

  8. Linda P.8:25 AM

    Ohhhh, yes, Ms. Miggy, you hit the nail right on the head when you said you are going to need to take matters into your own hands in experiencing the fall! How well I know. Here in N. Texas the high yesterday was 101!!! Ca-raaazzzyy!!

    Run to the nearest craft store or pull out your own supplies and start fall decoratin' away. Tell yourself that fall is a state of mind not a temperature. *sigh* It WILL cool down. I promise. It just takes longer for it to happen in parts of Texas. We don't see much fall foliage, but occasionally (at least in past years) I have caught a glimpse of a fallish tree and said, "Oh, look at that! Pretty co-o-o-o-lors!!!" If that happens, just stare at that tree and bask in the moment. *sigh* ; )

    (I used to live in Lubbock, too, HeidiAnn!)

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