Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Like many people I love Fall.  And for the past 6 years I've lived in places that have really excelled at this particular season.  I'd like to submit pictorial evidence A, New York:

And pictorial evidence B, Cincinnati:

So I've been a little bummed reading all about other people's first inklings of fall since it has still been in the 100's here.  I've just assumed that Texas doesn't really do fall...but yesterday was amazing and my heart was filled with renewed hope for Fall.  We took a day trip to a small historical town a little north of here and the weather was perfect.  It was still warm, but it wasn't HOT.  And when the wind blew you could actually feel a little bit of coolness, as opposed to the usual feeling of someone pointing a hot blow dryer in your face.  It was slight, but it was there.  I know I shouldn't get my hopes up because it's still in the 90's here, but it suddenly feels like Texas might be doable and that maybe they'll be a little Fall afterall.  I love the idea that several people had of a summer to-do list, but since we had a lot going on with the move and getting settled I didn't really get the chance to do that.  Instead, I'm going to do a Fall to-do list.  Granted a lot of that list will include food I plan to eat, but I'm OK with that.  So far, here's my Fall to-do list.  

1.  Watch Dan in Real Life (This has become my favorite Fall-time movie)
2.  Make Pumpkin Bread.
3.  Make Halloween Costumes...very excited for this one!  
4.  Get picnic table for backyard and eat outside as much as possible.
5.  SeaWorld (this is much more doable in cooler weather)
6.  Six Flags.
7.  Soup, Soup and more Soup.
8.  And the perfect Halloween activity...a visit to the world's largest bat colony.  Just a few million bats...no big deal.  

That's just off the top of my head so they'll be plenty more to add, but it's a start.  I'm not sure that they have apple picking in Texas which I'm really bummed about, but I'm going to check into it.  

What is on your fall to-do list?  Any must-have recipes or must-do activities?  Spill!  


  1. i've noticed that no matter how down you're feeling about living in the SA and texas in general, dolphins can always make you feel better.

    here are some more things for your fall list:

    -hike the hill in castroville
    -go to the bird refuge with your new friend, jes
    -the zoo!
    -tour the missions
    -eat cake from the pastry queen in fredericksburg. of course, you might not eat cake, which is fine.
    -rudy's bbq, unless you're a vegetarian because i think there's even bbq in the corn.
    -explore the secret parks of lackland afb

  2. We moved to TX about six months ago but we are in the north part. I'm from AZ so I've never really experienced fall, but it looks fun. I've heard the corn maizes are real fun and were going to check them out. They have other activities to do at them and probaly have them in your area too!

  3. Linda P.1:39 PM

    Yay! Yay! Yay, Miggy, that the nicer weather is encouraging you! Our N. Texas weather has been soo much better the past couple of days with highs in the 80's as opposed to 100+ like we've been having. I just wanted you to know that when the temps started going down, I specifically thought of YOU, just hoping it was a bit cooler where you were, too. : D

    I think you are going to LOVE the fall weather to come. We have sooooo many nice days even in the winter. We do have some cold snaps and occasional snow or ice, but most of the time I do LUV me some moderate Texas winter weather!

  4. I grew up in Texas (well age 5 to age 12) and Halloween was awesome there. Beautiful weather but not cold so you could wear your costumes and never had to worry about throwing a coat on. Your kids will love it!

  5. My fall to-do list:
    Do better planning meals; Find some yummy soup recipes; Lose weight.

    I found this website a while ago. It will help you find any "pick your own" farms where you live.
    I hope you can find something near you.

  6. I love your NYC pictures! they make me miss the place and I am still here. ha!

    Darling cut! I tend to cut my hair too. glad I'm not the only one.