This Little Miggy Stayed Home: The Curse of San Antonio

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Curse of San Antonio

PSP saying good bye to Magda, a causality of the curse

We didn't get the minivan yet.  We were actually supposed to get it a week and a half ago.  It's a great minivan but one of the back seats was broken so they promised to fix it first.  Well turns out that they basically just have to replace the whole seat and it's taken 2 weeks to figure this out.  They even tried to take the deal off the table claiming that fixing the seat would wipe out their profit.  Long story short, we made them keep their promise and the seat is being repaired as we speak.  There's more to the story than that, but regardless of the seat debacle we know what's really going on here.  It's the curse of San Antonio.  Since we've moved here everything we've tried to accomplish or do or get has had a hitch in it.  Everything.  We were starting to get really frustrated, and then it dawned on's a curse!  Duh.  Remember how when we moved here half our stuff didn't arrive?  The curse.  Troubles with doctors and Lamp's fevers?  The curse.  Getting our new furniture delivered only to have a part of our couch broken?  The curse.  Paying to have our car shipped out only to have it break down a month later?  The curse.  Selling that car to carmax and getting home only to discover they gave us someone else's check?  The curse.  Buying a new car and having it delayed for 2 weeks?  The curse.  And even last night we finally pulled the trigger on a new flatscreen TV.  We brought it home, set it up and turns out it doesn't fit in our entertainment system.  B was so concerned about width he forgot to measure the height.  But really, it was the curse.  The bad thing about all the curse business is it really takes the excitement out of things.  We were so excited for our new minivan, but now we're all just give us our friggin' car.  However it's not all doom and gloom... Now that we have a logical explanation for all the lameness going around here we can just laugh about our bad luck and proclaim, it's the curse!  Besides, it's not like curses last forever right?  Ha ha ha.  Right?    


  1. i don't know about lasting forever, but i do know they can last at least six years. that's how long our curse has been in effect (since one month after our marriage when i was diagnosed with MS). seriously, everything we get excited about, try to do, etc., falls apart or has a major hiccup (except conceiving our children, knock on wood). i feel you, oh boy do i feel you. hopefully your curse will be lifted soon...

  2. You know what else it could be? It could be the bad man trying to derail you. It just shows you're on the right track because if you weren't- he'd leave you alone. You're no threat but since you ARE a threat- he keeps trying to derail you. But a San Antonio curse is good too :)

  3. That is...until you take the proper steps to lift the curse. Such as...a Girls trip to NYC for a long weekend. Run around anthropologie five times. Touch your toes. Smack your lips at the shake shack, skip through central park and repeat 4 times aloud, "I am Miggy, I am smart, I am fun, I am the raddest. "

    At which point the curse will be broken.

    Are you willing to make that sacrifice to lift the curse?

  4. Totally the curse! Chris' parents and older brother used to have these great faith promoting stories about how things fell into place when they respectively moved to Chicago and New York. His brother pulled up to his new building in the city and a huge parking spot opened up right in front of his new building big enough for his whole moving van. And the list goes on and on. When Chris and I moved to New York, EVERYTHING went wrong. But now I know it had nothing to do with our faith. It was totally the curse.

  5. How would you go about lifting the curse? I'm thinking witch doctors or voodoo dolls or something crazy!

  6. well, the only obvious solution is to curse san antonio back.

  7. LizzyTB--Oi. I'm sorry...I'm really sorry. Here's hoping your curse lifts before ours.

    CL--"the bad man." Love it. And yes it could be...that jerk.

    Miss Molly--Um yes. please. That's a lot of sacrifice but I would definitely be willing. I've actually been talking up a storm about a much needed girls weekend but it seems I'm the only one of my girls who needs it super bad?! What's up with that?

    Heather--I'm so glad you can relate. Seriously, what is it with certain places?

    Ames--(I secretly wished this was Ames from the Bachelor, not that I have a crush on him exactly, but I think he's a classy fellow who would be a great conversationalist.) Anywho...yes voodoo. I'll look into it.

    Jes--Another brilliant suggestion. A curse on SA itself. I doubt SA would mess with me anymore if it knew I would just curse it right back. I wonder if just swearing at San Antonio would count as cursing it?

  8. Sign me up for the Miss Molly plan. I am 100% in need of a girls weekend and more than that, you need me for curse-lifting purposes. Let's do it.

  9. Also, I'm really sorry about all these things, one after the other. Sucky.

    Also, should I not be eating candy corn? That link was awesome but now I'm nervous/confused...

  10. I hate to say this but we have been blaming things on the "Webb" curse for years. So maybe it just took a few years to catch up with you, but now that it's found you there's no escaping it.

  11. Linda P.11:19 AM

    OK, what you need is a Native Texas to break the curse. Yeah, pretty much. Just sayin.' OK, close your eyes tight cuz I'm afixin' to get 'er done . . . .

    I, Linda P., Native Texan Extraordinaire, do hereby break this here nasty curse thang and double dog dare it to even try to mess with the likes of Miss Miggy and her kin ever agin. Period. The end. There! I reckon that did it! : D