Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bedroom Transformation

We finally got our bedroom painted last week.  It's the last of the painting projects we have planned for this house and I'm so glad.  I didn't hate the before color, but the room is rather small and I wanted something a little lighter and brighter.  And while there are still a number of things left to do in our room, we did tackle one little area of the room and I really like it.  Here it is:  



The colors in the second picture are a little more accurate and the area could still use a little styling, but overall I'm really pleased with it.  The wall paint is a lovely warm grey we used in our last home as well.  Remember how I wanted to use some crates for a room divider/shelving wall?  Well that didn't happen for a number of reasons, but I decided to steal that idea and put it to use on a smaller scale.  These are wine crates from some of the more upscale wine shops in the area (they charged $5 a crate).  I just painted the inside a different color and B mounted them on the wall.  I put them a little higher up so you could have a computer or something on the desk without the crates getting in the way.  I also painted the desk top white to complete the look and I really like the effect.  I will be recovering the seat cushion but I don't know with what yet.  Slowly but surely this house is getting put together.   


  1. Linda P.12:07 PM

    Very nice!

  2. Great color story, and the painted top on the desk is especially genius. Your house is awesome.

    ps good job taking 'before' photos. I always seem to forget that part...