This Little Miggy Stayed Home: The 4 Year Old Mind

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The 4 Year Old Mind

This was a conversation my 4 year old and I were having in the car last night.  She was telling me something very, very important and for a few minutes I just wasn't paying attention because I was focused on the road and making sure I was going the right way.  I completely missed the first few sentences and misunderstood what she had said.  Here's where we pick up....

PSP:  Mama!  That's not what I said!
Me:  I'm sorry sweetie I was trying to pay attention to where we were driving, can you tell me again?
PSP:  No!  I only want to tell you one time.
Me:  I know, I'm sorry I just didn't hear what you said.
PSP:  Ma-meee! 
Me:  Why are you getting so frustrated, I just didn't hear because I was trying to figure out where we're can you tell me again?
PSP:  No.  I only want to tell it once!
Me:  OK, well then lets talk about something else.
PSP:  No!  Ma-meee....
Me:  Well honey, I didn't hear what you said, so I don't understand and now you won't tell that's the end of it.
PSP:  That's NOT the end of it.
Me:  OK.  Well, then if you want me to understand you have to tell me again.
PSP:  No mom....It's too hard to say it again I only want to say it one time.
Me:  (laughing)
PSP:  Maa-ooom!  
Me:  I just...I don't know what to do...I don't know what you said, you won't say it again and you don't want to talk about something else.  (I try to stay quiet for a minute to see if she'll drop it).
PSP:  Ma-mee!
Me:  Yes?
PSP:  This is NOT the end of it.
ME:  OK, well then you need to tell me again.  I'm sorry I didn't listen the first time, but I promise I'll listen now.
PSP:  No, I only want to say it once.
Me:  I know, but can you say it twice just this one time?
PSP:  No!
Me:  (Laughing my head off)
PSP:  (Scowling her head off)

I swear to you this conversation went on in this manner for 7-8 minutes.  Finally, finally she conceded to share her original thoughts:

PSP:  So in our next new house...
Me:  You mean the next house we live in, not our new house now?
Me:  OK, sorry sorry, keep going.
PSP:  So maybe in our next new house, maybe there could be a pond in the back and then maybe it can be winter and snow and then maybe the pond will freeze and then you can buy me some ice skates and I can learn how to ice skate!

We then proceeded to have a great conversation about ice skating, frozen ponds and falling on your bum.

Love that girl.



  1. cutest. story. ever.

  2. Awww. What a dear conversation. I love her stubbornness and your focus on the road and her at the same exact time. . . and the interrupting bit--hilarious. Thanks!

  3. Linda P.12:43 PM

    How funny was this story! Enjoyed it a lot. : )

  4. Anonymous3:05 PM

    That story was hilarious! When I hear about things she says and does it sounds just like what Boo would do...I just know they'll love playing together when we finally get to see each other!