This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Road Trip To Texas

Monday, August 29, 2011

Road Trip To Texas

I've been reading reports of exciting summer adventures left and right and well....I feel a little left out.  We didn't really do much in the way of fun and adventure this past summer.  We moved, we got settled and as you know, have had a rather rough start of our new home.  However, we did take some time getting down here and we did see some parts of the country we haven't ever seen before and I did forget to document that.  And I need the reminder that we had a little fun this past summer.  Not really a dream vacay, but we had a really good time and if anyone could use a reminder of that, it's me. 

Like in Nashville PSP sat on this sidewalk...

 Which was by the country music hall of fame where we saw Elvis' gold piano.  

Which was on our way to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee where we saw Elvis' jet and his house....

 It's also where Lamp discovered that she's a huge Elvis fan.  Go figure.    

Then somewhere in Mississippi we took a picture by a bridge...

and melted in the hot southern sun.

 In New Orleans we walked around the x-rated French Quarter and took a g-rated picture of the girls on some steps....

Then we stopped by Oak Alley.   

 And finally, in Galvaston we went to the beach. 


It was only for a few hours, but it was glorious.  

See Migs?  You did have fun this summer.


  1. Linda P.3:18 PM

    Great to see those fun times! They will be such nice memories for your family. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. I knew Lamp and I were peeps. I am a huge Elvis fan too.