This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Reagan In The Digest!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Reagan In The Digest!

First off, let me just say I love Readers Digest.  I know it's not the hippest magazine but I have always loved it.  My grandma used to let me take her old issues when I was  kid and even one of my best friends in college got me a subscription one year for my birthday.  So I'm very sincere when I say I LOVE the Digest.  So how awesome is it that my friend and mother-I-look-up-to Reagan and her family were featured in the August issue?  The answer to that question is super awesome if it wasn't already clear.  I finally got a hold of a copy yesterday and let me tell you...the article is amazing.  Seeing how I was living in New York and was pals with Reagan when Piper was born, I sorta thought I would already know how this article goes...but I was surprised to learn a thing or two and to come away with a renewed love and respect for the Breinholt clan.  I was just going to read the article and not buy the magazine, but after reading it I had to buy it.  I knew I wanted to have it on hand when I needed a little pick-me-up or some positive perspective.    

Being in the world of special needs can feel isolating at times, especially when your particular special need is so uncommon.  I can't tell you how great it is to know someone else who is in different-but-somehow-similar circumstances, especially someone as positive, upbeat and funny as Reagan.  

So Reags if you're reading this, thank you.  I loved it and I love you guys.  Although I know all too well that one does not campaign or volunteer for the position of special needs mom, you've knocked it out of the park.  You're a great role model for me and I'm grateful to know you.  Three months in the same ward in Provo and reuniting a short time later in NYC?  Not a coincidence.  High five's to Heavenly Father on that one.  


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Can't wait to read the article. Love hearing about that Pip!!

    PS. I found your blog from Reagan's!

  2. Amy, that is such a kind post. I hope you guys are doing awesome.

  3. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Off topic, but since Ijust got my O magazine, I am wondering if you have explored Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio?

  4. I found your blog through her blob! STILL haven't read the article... need to get a copy!

    And I'm def. jeal* you know her IRL!

    *totes stolen from Reagan!

  5. aww, miggy, of COURSE you read the digest. you are old school in a good way like that! haha.

    i miss you, i'm still bummed you were in NYC for the entire duration of our european holiday. come back soon.

    and thanks for speaking so sweetly of the article. I loved it too. the writer did a great job. remember a few of those scary ICU episodes? you were there with me for some of them! I'll never forget that, miggs!

  6. Linda P.10:19 AM

    Out of town for a bit. Playing catch up! I love Reagan, Jake, and sweet little Pippy J! I am a regular reader/commenter on her "blob." I believe that I was first introduced to your sweet family, Miggy, through a blog post somewhere in which you two interviewed each other. My parents give me Reader's Digest for a Christmas gift every year, and I LOVE that magazine!