This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Party Pooper

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Party Pooper

I'm no fun these days and since every party needs a pooper I'll readily volunteer.  I'm not offended if you want to skip this whine-heavy posts.    

So we need a new car.  Magda (our car aptly named after the eastern European woman we bought her from) is dying.  The mechanic told us not to waste our money fixing her.  Would have been helpful to know that before we spent $800 shipping her out here.   

And while I'm glad we found a great pre-K for Sparkle Pants, it was definitely on the more expensive side.  Like about the amount of a decent car payment.  But I am glad she's got a good school to look forward to.  (And I have to say it's funny how such a quick little blurb of a blog post became such a topic of conversation!  Of course it's good that we all care so much.)

OK sorry, back to my pity party....I finally got a hair cut last weekend.  I haven't had my hair professionally cut since we lived in NYC.  And now I remember why...if I don't have a stylist I trust it always gets screwed up.  And I'm usually too scared to say anything, but I called back and made an appointment for her to fix it.  But even so my hair is blah....maybe I need bangs again?  

And I am blah. 

This was last nights forecast.

This has basically been the forecast since we got here.  

And then there's the fevers.  Yes, Lamp has been going on 5 weeks of fevers.  We're still looking into it, but so far, no answers.  It's been a rollercoaster.    

So there you go.  I know it's not Texas' fault and I also know it's a little obnoxious to be so openly wo-is-me on the blog, but this is reality right now and it's been stressful.  I could really use a girlfriends getway to a spa.  Any takers?    


  1. We're 10 degrees hotter than that almost every day. Come visit us here and when you go back home it'll feel like springtime!

  2. My neighbor's little grandson had those continual fevers for awhile. After testing it was concluded that his immune system was just a bit immature...or something like that. He's 2 now and totally fine.

  3. I live in Southeast Alaska (not to be confused with the more northern parts like Fairbanks or Anchorage), summer here is more like fall everywhere else. You are more than welcome to come visit. We have a huge house with lots of room and would love to meet you. Just throw out all of your responsibilities for a few weeks, come here, bask in the 60º weather and enjoy seeing deer, eagles, whales, bears, and beautiful scenery. :)

  4. First of all, I want to say YEAH! to Lamp for scooting! And congrats on finding a good school for PSP. I bet you could find a good used car in SA with all the military people having to go on year long deployments. Now, about those fevers.... I had a low-grade fever for months. It turned out to be a food allergy that was not diagnosed by an allergist. Meaning, I had allergy testing done and nothing showed up. I finally went to a naturopathic doctor (ND) who put me on an elimination diet. Within three weeks of avoiding all wheat and dairy, I was finally better. Every time I eat something with one of these ingredients, I get sick. Just a suggestion. BTW, my conventional MD thought it was "hogwash" for me to have gone to a naturopath. I am in the best health I've been in years. Good Luck!

  5. So sorry to hear that about the fevers and haircut. I am feeling the same way. feeling like we are in limbo between graduating, job and paying off loans. Just want to buy a house in the suburbs! Wah!! Trying to kick the mood, but I just want to sleep in and wear pjs all day. Getting in a school routine might help? I love all your posts no matter what mood. :)

  6. I lived in San Antonio in the early 90s for 3 years, husband was in residency at Lackland. We lived on a street named Timber Basin, about 3 miles from SeaWorld. I seemed to one of the few people I knew who couldn't wait to get out of there! I hated the heat, the city life, even Mexican food. Only saving graces were our church and the water parks. So I totally understand your blahs, I hope it goes by fast for you, God bless!

  7. I just had to laugh at your post, but only because I live in Oklahoma (it has to be worse than Texas, I swear), and from the day I moved here, I feel like it totally sucks. How's that for making you feel better? :)
    I'm trying to find joy in the journey but I'm struggling.

    My husband is in dental school up here, and we're also doing it through the Air Force. I'm afraid my constant complaining of living here, in this boring boring place is going to wind us up living somewhere even more terrible. It's like God's way of saying "ha, you thought OK was bad, I'll show you bad." I'm trying to change my outlook, but it's not working yet.

    Hang in there, I hope things get better in Texas.

  8. Some parts of the Dallas area got a few drops of rain this morning and it brought quite the cold front - I think we only reached 103 today... Let's go to Meggan's house :-)

  9. @Amy, you're right, Oklahoma is worse than Texas! :) Miggy, you have my address, if you want to hang with my daughter, she's finally settled into the "wife of a military resident" life in SA and is always looking for something to do with her toddler. Shoot me an email if you are interested.

  10. That weather is INTOLERABLE.

  11. I feel like everything is crashing down around me as well, so is life.

  12. CoCoKim11:50 PM

    Ok so my sis has been telling me about your blog for awhile but being a mom of 6 I havent had a chance to read blogs posted by blood relatives, let alone others. Im grateful I had a few mins to read a few posts tonight.).

    I've been in SA for 17 years so my advice is to give it time. Being from CA it was hard to get past the heat but once you realize your days have to coordinated around air conditioning and water it becomes tolerable. SA is a great place to be with humble, fun, family oriented people. That's why the temple is here and not in Austin. :)
    Let me know and I'll advise you on some helpful hints on SA fun. Meantime let's all pray for rain!!!

  13. I wish I lived near you, well scratch that, if you lived near me than a SPA day would be in order for sure! I hope things gradually start getting better to the point that you will feel just as sad to leave SA as you were to leave NYC and Cincy. :) You are an amazing woman my dear.