This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Fun Time Dad

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fun Time Dad

beep! beep!

OK so I think we have the bug problem under control.  And by under control I mean I will not be opening the kitchen cabinet below the sink after 9 pm.  Problem solved!  Oy.  
(Actually our landlords are great and they are getting the pest control peeps back out here asap.)  

I'm feeling a little bad about all my San Antonio negativity because really there have been some very positive things going on here and I was just about to blog about it when the cockroach incident happened.   And while this post isn't going to be entirely about all the good stuff, it will be about one positive San Antonio bonus.

Dad gets home from work really early and it's a w e s o m e.  

The day for a military dentist ends at 4 o'clock.  He's usually home before 4:30.  Par-tay.  In Cincinnati B was usually was home around 5:30 but the big bonus was that work ended at 2 on Fridays.  We were sad to be losing our early Fridays, but little did we know each and every day would be so much better!  Since our girls go to bed early--Lamp is in bed by 6:30 sharp--it has given him so much more time to see his girls every day.  And they love it because lets face it, dad = fun.  The other day it was a car made from a moving box and today it was running around the house pulling the girls behind him on a blanket while they slid and giggled across the smooth wood floors.  I have similar memories of my grandpa from when I was a little girl and I treasure those memories.  Sometimes I think, why aren't I more creative?  Why don't I come up with these fun things?  And well, sometimes I do.  But B always seems to take it up a notch and he just excels at this type of creative play.  Which I love.  I'm glad these girls have such a fun, interactive and attentive dad.  I love that they'll have memories of such simple but fun times in our home. And I love that I married not just a great husband, but a great dad as well.  

Lucky us.

 I'm just curious, was it that way in your house too?  Was dad Mr. fun time, while mom was all business?  Was it a mix or even switched?  And what's it like now?  

ps--While this could be a post of it's own I just want to quickly put it out there that we've been having some health concerns with Lamp lately...another reason for my looming negativity I suppose.  She's going on day 17 of an on-again-off-again low-grade fever.  A fever for that long is concerning, even if it's mild.  They've done some testing including 2 rounds of blood work and can't figure it out.  Long story short, she could be admitted to the hospital for more in depth testing soon if we don't find an answer/get some resolution.  That would not be great for anyone.  Please keep that lil' munchkin in your prayers.


  1. Anonymous12:38 AM

    What a cool dad! (Hoping and praying for the best!)

  2. B. is awesome! I bet those little peanuts are thrilled:) Too bad millitary dentists in SC don't get out so early:( Poop!
    Love you all, and we are praying for Lampy-kins!!

  3. we have a super fun dad around here too. thank goodness, because I am a crazy play ZERO. thinking of you and lamp and hoping that you can figure out the mystery soon. so stressful.

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  5. I a little bit feel like I know you. I am in the Inwood ward and have run across multiple multiple people telling me how great you are! You are cute and your blog is wonderful!
    Come back to Inwood! Erin and Debi left me all alone!


  6. It's kinda funny, but I remember some fun times with my dad wrestling with the boys (and me) on the living room floor, but my brother who is 4 years younger remembers none of that. My dad was super involved with us, but definitely not "fun." He coached our teams, took us places, talked to us about life.

    Here's hoping Lamp gets better quickly. I'm on day 3 of on-again-off-again low-grade fever. No fun.

  7. what fun! praying for the lil' one! sure loved chatting the other day.

  8. My dad is definitely the playful one and mom is all business. They could not be more different but somehow it works!

    17 days, shoot. Really hope Lamp kicks that fever soon.