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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Desk

While we've still got a long way to go in getting the house completely put together there is one finished project/victory that I'd like to showcase.  Our new floating computer desk.  


Actually it doubles as the computer desk and a new space for my serger (my other sewing desk is right next to it).  This is part of the room we have partitioned off for my sewing/painting studio and this desk was the perfect solution to more desk space for sewing and more desk space for computing.  While it's not actually floating it is mounted on the wall with brackets for maximum leg room and nice float-y effect.  The bracket's were B's idea.  He wanted me to be sure and say that.   

 You'll notice that the desk top is actually an old door.  When leaving our Cincy house I forced my husband and our movers to haul 3 old doors with us that were in the basement.  Presumably these were some doors from the original house and much too cool to leave we mounted one of the doors, bought some glass for the top and we have ourselves an antique desk with a modern twist.  I love how it looks and I love that we have a little piece of Chateau Cincinnati with us.  (Unfortunately the outlet is a little front and center...oh well). 

The door is really heavy as is the glass, so B used 3 heavy duty brackets and made sure they were attached to the studs to hold it all in place.  I think the brackets can hold up to 250 pounds or something like that...which means this also doubles as a guest bed!  (I'm not serious)  Since the door has sections that are sunken in we needed to have the glass for a smooth surface.  While the glass was the majority of the cost for this project, I think it was definitely worth it.  I love how it gives the appearance of objects floating on top.  To prep the door we just gave it a quick wash with warm, soapy water and then did 2 coats of wipe on poly to seal it up and prevent any paint from chipping.  Also a good idea since there's a fair chance some of this paint is lead based. 

  Obviously the space is still a little bare and will be needing some beautifying, but I give the desk itself an A+...or at least a solid A.     


  1. A++

    I've wanted to make a playhouse with an old door on the back porch...i never finished the vision, this gives me hope (and ideas).

  2. that is so cool. I love it

  3. I'll be honest: When I saw the first picture I thought, "I don't get it. It doesn't look that great." And then the NEXT picture came up, with the top of the desk showing, and I was in love. Love, love, love!

  4. lololove this! I am envious, but maybe when I leave this city one day, I'll have a room and some space for my own floating table/desk. I just hope its as cool and practical as yours.

  5. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Dear Miggy,

    Well DONE! So nice that you have "B' to actually "execute" all of your design dreams!

    Great team effort! Looks great!


  6. I LOVE that! so wonderfully, creatively, beautiful.

  7. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Wow,such a great idea,that table looks great,you are so creative!

  8. I thought of you when I saw this on Pinterest.

  9. LOVE this miggy. LOVE it.

  10. Where did you get the glass from? I am trying to make a desk and cant think of anywhere to get glass like this

  11. Anonymous10:33 AM

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