This Little Miggy Stayed Home: To Keep or To Purge?

Friday, July 29, 2011

To Keep or To Purge?

First of all thank you to all your words of encouragement from my post earlier in the week.  I appreciate the specific advice on things to do in San Antonio and how to handle the neighbor's dog as well as the general commiserating about moving.  I'm always amazed how much love and support I can feel through this lil' blog.  Design Mom recently linked to a post her mom wrote about today's young mothers and how lucky we are to have the internet in our day and age of raising children and how that helps us feel more appreciated, connected, etc.  I couldn't agree more.  Especially during times like this when we're in a new area, have few acquaintances and even fewer friends it's nice not to feel so alone when I get such amazing feedback and support from so many of you.  So thanks.  

Now a question...I'm not a hoarder by any means, but as packing, moving and unpacking always presents a wonderful opportunity for purging your life of unnecessary junk, I find myself once again in the dilemma of what to throw out and what to keep?  I know some people live by hard and fast rules like If you haven't worn it or used it in the past year throw it out.  But I have been known not to wear something for years only to pick it up one day and rediscover my love of said item and wear it all over again.  Additionally, there have been many things I have regretted getting rid of.  Things I've thought about years after the fact wishing I had held onto it a little longer.  And then there is the sentimental attachment of certain items that keep me from throwing them out.  Wow.  OK.  I do sound kinda like a hoarder.  

Anyway, I'm just wondering how you decide what to keep and what to throw out?  I keep a good amount of clothing in my sewing stuff to use for extra fabric, but still I can't keep everything.  Do you keep old clothes for your kids--like for dress up, or maybe you just think they might want to have some of your vintage goods in 20 years? And what about home goods?  Extra dishes, small appliances, knick knacks...I love the idea of being simplistic, living with less and not being attached to things...but I like things and stuff.  So let me hear you have hard and fast rules for getting rid of stuff, or do you keep and store away for a rainy day?   



  1. Ooh, that's a good question. I think it's been different for me at different times of my life. At one point we had little stuff and a lot of room, but then when it started evening out, I started making different decisions about what to keep.

    Now I have the idea that I only want to own things that are Precious to us. (As in: "My Precious.") Things that we value and use and love. We're still not quite there, but I find that if I approach it that way, I don't miss the stuff that we've purged.

  2. I have already decided we are keeping our billion Byu shirts because I wish I had my parents'. Besides that...I don't know. We won't have to move for 9-24 months soo I'll decide then :)

  3. In my mind I wish that everything in my house had it's own place instead of things being crammed into the dark corners of closets :) When I'm trying to decide if I should get rid of something the first thing I look at is if there is a place for it. If there's not a place for it then it's a lot easier to get rid of stuff.

  4. When in doubt, throw it out. That's what they say... It generally works for me.

    As far as your post before this one is concerned: LOVE.

  5. hi amy. just found found your blog through amy dover's blog (she linked to you in a recent post), and it's driving me crazy. i know our paths have crossed in the BYU days (i even recognize bracken) but i can't place you guys...i've been wracking my brain for an entire day and i'm still stuck on it. anyway, glad to have found you and your blog-it's a good one! hope you're having a great weekend.

  6. You do have the most adorable little family! I come by your blog by way of Molly's and I just wanted to tell you I loved your comment on giving God a High Five! I would give him one for choosing You... for Lamp! She is a lucky baby girl! God Bless~

  7. I believe that whatever level of loving something we have is probably the same level of love our children will have. For example, I am not one to carry around momentos from my childhood. (aside from pictures) My mom is the same way. So I have a medium sized box for each of my kids and I have put one thing in there from each year that means something to me. Baby blessing outfit, first real drawing, birthday card ect. And that is it for them...
    However, when it comes to clothes and housewares, I tend to lean alittle bit on the hoarder side. Because you never know when you might need 324 baby jars encased with golden glitter for a fancy party. It might happen.