This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Mignon featured on Lay Baby Lay

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mignon featured on Lay Baby Lay

My friend Shelley, sent me a link to the blog Lay Baby Lay where my pillow (no.3) was featured in one of her nursery designs.  Although I was unfamiliar with laybabylay before, a quick browse around this blog and you're hooked!  These nurseries are amazing.  Joni, who writes Laybabylay has some amazing looks put together and all around great style (obviously).  I know it's just one little pillow, but it's fun to have my wares featured.  Thanks for showcasing my pillow (Joni) and thanks for letting me know (Shelley)!  Check out the full little prepster nursery here.


  1. Linda P.4:22 PM

    Wow! Very cool, Miggy! Congrats!

    Unpacking well wishes being sent your way. : )

  2. So cute. I'm doing a subtle nautical theme for the new baby and I love the combinations here, it's just what I was going for. Modern and not too themey (I know that's not a word). Now I know where to get really cute, decorative pillows :) I hope you're settling into to TX a little more.