This Little Miggy Stayed Home: The Chaos

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Chaos

The chaos is finally starting to set in.  Since the military moves us our house isn't covered in boxes from floor to ceiling.  In fact up until yesterday we were box free.  However, over the past few weeks little things have slowly started to pile up, little corners collecting clutter...why organize now when we're about to move?  I hate being in full fledged chaos mode, but in some ways I prefer it to half-hearted disorganization.  So this is it...we're in the homestretch.  And we'll be taking our sweet time to our new home in stopping in a lot of great cities along the way--cities we've never been to and states we've never been too!  Exciting.  So if the posting is non-existant for a while you'll know why.  

In the meantime here are a couple of cute birthday photo's.  Nothing too fancy since we're in the middle of a move here.  

Hated the hat, but liked the frosting.  Right on par for a 1 year old I'd say.  

I'd just like to say thanks for all the birthday wishes!  That was amazing and wonderful to hear from so many of you!  I can't wait until she's old enough for me to read that to her.  That was definitely a new comment record.  Thank you for loving my little family so much.  Mwah!  Mwah!    


  1. Linda P.4:28 PM

    Miggy, my heart was SO warmed to see all of those birthday wishes for your precious Lamp! How great was that!

    Oh, little Lampy, if you just knew how adorable you look with that crown! You are definitely queen of our hearts. Don't cry, sweet girl! Oh and I love that textured red wall behind her, by the way. : )

    You are so fortunate not to have to do all the moving yourself. I hope you can turn your move into a great vacation as you visit so many places. We will definitely miss you when you are away from your blog for a while, but we will just imagine you having a wonderful time, knowing you all deserve it. Hugs for the journey!

  2. She is utterly adorable!