This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Not Much Going On

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not Much Going On

So I tried to get my resident photographer (Princes Sparkle) to try and take a picture so I could showcase my latest skirt... I actually made it right before our New York trip and it's definitely one of my favs.  Nice smooth waist, gathered full skirt, back zipper, and pockets.  Anywho...this is the best picture I got and I thought...maybe I need a new photographer.  

But then Princess Sparkle got in front of the camera...

And I realized, maybe it was the model who was the problem.  

I plan on making at least one more skirt this summer...not sure if it's going to happen here or in San Antonio, but I'll be sure to do a tutorial if I do because these skirts are easy-peasy with great results.  

In other news, we don't really have much going on today...just getting some tubes put in Lamps ears, B's last day of work and oh yeah....we're closing on our house (Hooray! and sniff, sniff).  Wish us luck!

p.s.  I'm just there anyone out there reading this blog who also has a child with limb differences?  Or who has limb differences themselves?  If you don't want to answer in the comments feel free to email me at thislittlemiggy at gmail dot com. 



  1. Linda P.7:12 PM

    Miss PSP did a great job of capturing the prettiness of that skirt, Miggy. I really like it! PSP's sweetness just really shines through in those pics you took of her. I can see her being a sweet and good big sis to Lamp.

  2. I have never commented before but have thought about it often. My brother in law was born with some limb differences. He has two above the knee prosthetic legs and one arm.
    He is a prosthetist in Las Vegas and is a favorite with his patients because he understands what they need. I am going to send him a link to your blog. I love reading your blog and am sure he and my sister would to.

  3. Cute skirt. I might try one myself if it really is easy peasy and you end up doing a tutorial.
    Hope you guys are loving Texas!

  4. I believe I shared the link to this blog with you before (but maybe not? I can't remember...), but this lady was in our ward in Fairborn, Ohio. She and her husband adopted a son from Uzbekistan who has limb differences in his legs. She is an incredible lady and I am sure would love to talk to you if you contacted her:

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