This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Cincinnati Top 5: Our Home

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cincinnati Top 5: Our Home

Next to the people, our home is what I'll miss about Cincinnati the most.  I loved our house from the moment we walked in the door.  Even though it was just an empty shell, I could easily picture our family here making this house a home.  Through all the ups and downs of these past two years our home has always felt like a safe haven and a shelter from the storm, a place I always look forward to coming back to at the end of the day. 

I have often described my ideal house as an "old home with creaky old floors and all" and I got it.  As it turns out the creaky old floors are one of the few things I'm not going to miss, but I still can't believe that I got to live in what I have considered a dream home.  I find myself sitting on our porch swing as much as possible and trying to enjoy every room just a little more in these final weeks.  A couple days ago we got an email from the new buyer.  In addition to a few questions she had about the house, she thanked us for parting with our home and promised to take care of it as we had obviously done.  I'm glad to know our old house is in good hands.  At 97 years old I have often wondered about the history of the house.  Who has lived here?  What families have grown here and what children have raced up and down those stairs?  Even though we're leaving and our stay was relatively short, I love knowing that my family and I are a part of the history that will always belong to this home.


  1. Linda P.8:02 AM

    I know how our homes really do wrap themselves around our hearts. When my first child was just a few months old, my husband's company sent him to work on a project about an hour and a half away. We kept our home, but moved to this new location for about 8 months, just driving to our "real" home on weekends. As much as I was ready to move back to our actual home when the time came, I still remember feeling emotional leaving our temporary home. We get so attached, don't we? From what you said before, it sounds like you really love the new home you'll be moving to in San Antone. I hope that makes the transition a bit easier.

  2. it's such a great home but it's what you've done to it that's so great. no doubt you'll work the same magic in your next space...