This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Bachelorette Dopplegangers

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Bachelorette Dopplegangers

A few weeks ago I decided that while I was in a very productive place in my life and investing my time in worthwhile pursuits, there was just something lacking.  That something was a mind-numbing, tacky-but-not-completely-evil-reality show.  I didn't have one TV show I was watching and dagnabit! I needed at least one night a week to zone out and let my brain get mushy (that's what I tell PSP will happen to her brain if she watches too much TV.  Every once in a while I catch her giving her noggin a good squeeze to check the mushiness).  Enter the Bachelorette.  This show never disappoints as far as reality hog-wash goes, and hot diggity was I ever right!  Thanks to the Bachelorette franchise we have a new Worst Guy in the World reigning champion, knocking Spencer Pratt right out of first place.  What an accomplishment.  (If you don't know what I'm talking about feel free to read about him here or go to Hulu and watch episode 3 for yourself.)  

However I don't want to talk about that guy.  What I can't get over is how many of the guys from this season have celebrity twinners.   At first I thought it was just a little funny, but I don't know...could this be on purpose?  OK so it's probably not on purpose, but lets just take a look shall we? 

 First up, this guy Chris D.  Not a super obvious celebrity but for all you Felicity fans out there when I saw him I immediately thought of Noel Crane... 

Aka, Scott Foley.  I know it's not exact, but it's a little strange right?  
(sorry all these pictures aren't sized the same...I know it a'int very pretty.)

OK, so that one might be a stretch, but lets keep going.  
Here we have JP.  I like this guy.  Sincere, cute and sweet.  Anywho, he immediately reminded me of 2 people, who remind me of each other....

...with a dash of a young Heath Ledger.  
Tell me I'm not off my rocker here?   

OK, lets keep going with Stephen here.  Nice guy who happens to look like...  

Jason Schwartzman!  Right?  RIGHT? 
Sorry, but as I'm actually putting these pictures up I'm really seeing just how right I was...dang I'm good.  

OK, finally this guy, William.  
C'mon take a guess, who do you think he looks like?  Even if you don't know the guys name he looks like someone right?

Yep.  He's a much younger and clean cut (and nerdy?) Josh Lucas.  

OK so is it just me?  Did anyone else think this?  And if you didn't think this before, do you think so now after seeing the pictures?
  When I was in high school I used to always get that I looked like Wanda from Doogie Howser MD.     
Do you have a celebrity twinner?


  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Stephen also reminds me of Brandon Routh in Zack & Miri Make a Porno (he has long hair in that movie).

  2. Have you seen Mormon Child Bride's post on that Worst Guy? Oh, it's a classic. Must read.

  3. You are RIGHT on the money with all of these for sure!

    PS... I ditto Azucar on the Worst Guy post. Too funny.

  4. LOL, I love it, great comparisons!

  5. Oh man, you are right on! Props to you.

    My celebrity doppleganger is America Fererra aka Ugly Betty. I've gotten it a lot actually.

  6. my friend and i were DYing over the ryan = noel from felicity. And the stephen = Jason Schwartzman actually works for at least 3 other guys on the show (stephen has other twin on the show already--she loves a guy with long-er dark hair).

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  8. I've never watched The Bachelorette, but from these photos, I'd say you are spot on!

    I've always been told I look like Helen Hunt, which always bugged me because I knew it was basically saying I have a high forehead, prominent nose and pointy chin... which I do. :)

  9. Love this post! You are completely spot on. Now I have to go check out the show!

    My twinner is Nicole Kidman...whom my husband absolutely loves! It's a darn good thing he married me instead! ;)

  10. So dead on! I hadn't watched any of this season yet when I saw all of the comments on Facebook (including yours) and knew I was missing out. I just watched the third ep - What a tool, Bentley. But I love the look alikes. Your JP analysis is genius - he is totally a mix of those two!

  11. Okay, so I'm normally just a lurker, but I've got to say that my husband and I said the SAME THING when we saw the guys! They have all celeb twins! It's crazy! And did you notice that Ames looks just like Harry Connick, Jr.?

  12. got them all. My celeb look alike is supposedly Hilary Swank. I don't think so.

  13. Ha! I'm so glad so many of you agreed.

    Azucar--spot on post. That was pretty accurate, having dated a MD myself.

    Natalie--Totally America Fererra!

    Britty-I still think of you when I think of The Bachelor.

    Kristen--That's really funny...I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

    Robin and MS--Yeah my other celeb look alike for a while was Alanis Morisette...not my fav.

  14. Oh my gosh that is so funny! I don't usually comment but I had to say, I thought the exact same thing about the first guy and the last guy when I saw them on tv. I didn't come up with the other two though. It's funny to read posts like this because you always think you are the only one sitting on your couch at home thinking the same thing! By the way Spencer Pratt still takes the number one spot for me. Yuck.

  15. The Bachelor brings me back to my ah-ha days! I loved reading the Worst Guy post that Azucar recommended. and the Twinners, right on!

  16. this season has brought me such joy. all my horrible dating decisions has paled in comparison to this season. and i think i am team jp. but i can see ryan taking home the win. and i have analyzed this way too much for my normally high-brow self. hahaha. i typed that with a straight face.

  17. Bentley used to be in our ward out in I have been watching this season for the first time in years.

  18. I actually think you look exactly like Selma Blair... I've been I look like both like Angelina Jollie & Ellen (I know, basically twins, right?)