Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I introduced Princess Sparkle to the 1982 version of the movie Annie recently.  She loves it.  And I love that she loves it.  Probably the first full-length non animated movie she's ever watched.  In addition to loving the songs and the general story line, she's also gleaned some life lessons from this movie.  One day, totally unrelated to the movie, her dad was talking to her about things that are hard and he asked, What else is hard?  She paused then thoughtfully responded, A hard-knock life dad.  So true, little true.   

Anyway since re-familiarizing myself with the screen gem there are two things have really stood out to me.  First, Carol Burnette.  Where is her Oscar?  Someone give this woman an Oscar.  Hilariously amazing.  She nailed this role...nailed this role to the pole.  (Does that sound bad?  It's not supposed to).   Second, I can't get over the orphan clothes.  I don't know if it's just me, but I have this desire to make a bunch of raggamuffin' outfits a la orphan Annie style to outfit my lil' cutie pies in.  I tried to find some movie stills to pinpoint what it is I love about these looks so much.  The pictures are horrible quality because they're simply screen shots from Youtube, but I think they'll illustrate what I'm getting at.  Here are some of the basic concepts I'm seeing...

Lots of pinafores/aprons and layers

Vintage-y flower prints and muted colors

I love this sleeveless pinafore over another sleeveless dress

Ruffled pinafore or jumper

Lots of bloomers or knickers layered over shorter pinafores or dresses

Layerd dresses with knickers

Love the dress on the right with the flutter sleeves and deep v- layered over a t-shirt

Here's another shot
(KPW--if you're reading this, she sorta reminds me of a younger and more saucy you right here!)

Is it just me?  I'm really diggin' this style and I think Princess P would totally be game.  In fact a while back I asked her what she thought about an apron style dress (similar to the one shown here).  At first she said no, then quickly changed her mind and said I like it mom.  It's orphanage-y!

So what do you think...Are you into orphan style?  Are there any kids clothes brands/clothing lines that could help me pull off a modern version?  What about scouring ebay and the internet? Or am I just off my rocker?    


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  2. you are the cutest:) i love that movie, too. while we are here in the deep south, i have embraced the smocking and bishop sleeves for little Audrey, but I refuse to conform to the hot-pink and giant bows!! i found a cute pinafore on etsy for PSP:

  3. matilda jane clothing - aprons, so cute, so expensive though. Sometimes you can get better deals o ebay though.

  4. Linda P.8:33 AM

    Oh, I think the clothes are cool and cute, too! With your sewing skills, I bet you could whip up some really nice similar outfits yourself. I remember seeing that movie years ago! Carol Burnett is such a wonderful comedienne. I have many fond memories of watching The Carol Burnett Show when I was growing up. Her comedy sketches were such a hoot!

  5. My sisters and I still sing this song when we're up to our knees in each others daughters, "Sooome girls are drippin in diamonds, some girls are drippin in pearls... lucky me, lucky me, look at what I'm drippin in... llllittle girls." Always in our best Carol Burnette drunkin voice. We love that movie. In fact, I could probably quote every single line. And love the orphan-y clothing idea.

  6. I'd try an Oliver and S pattern. they are excellently written and kind of vintagey.

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