This Little Miggy Stayed Home: A Moment

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Moment

The days feel hectic lately...except they haven't been that busy.
So I think I mean stressful.

The days feel stressful lately.

We really don't know what's going to happen with the Air Force.  We're still pretty confident that we'll eventually be cleared for our assignment, but it appears that we will have to wait months to get that clearance.  And then there is the possibility that we have to wait months to find out that we're not cleared.  Neither of those scenarios is ideal.  Oi with the poodles already!  

And there has been other ho-humness, the weather has been pretty lame and so on.  And then last night while looking through pictures I remember this shot from last week.  I remember what a good moment it was.  A spontaneous picnic on the lawn with these two sweethearts.    

Sometimes you just need a good moment you know?

Also, there were some questions I got a while back that I never here are the quick answers.

Lisette--yes I still shred with Jillian. Did it this morning in fact.  And I too can tell a huge difference in my upper body strength.  I've been shredding since December and I'm surprised by how hard the workouts still are.  I'm definitely stronger, have more endurance, etc but I still can't do all the workouts at full throttle.  For example, I'm still pushing myself to get to point where I can do ALL the push-ups the hard way (not on my knees).  So that's what I like about her workouts--they're hard and you can make them as hard or as easy as you want and the fact that I still can't do them to maximum capacity leaves me with plenty of motivation to keep going.

Anon--No I don't twitter.  In an effort not to be plugged in all the time, I need to opt out of some technology.

Hopefully that answered the last of the questions!
Thanks Everyone.


  1. Hi, it's "B." again! :) Have you considered calling your local U.S. Congressman to help? I used to work for a Rep and they dealt with stuff like this all the time. If you explain your situation to them and ask that the Congressman write a letter to the Air Force and ask that they expedite your clearance (and allow you to continue with the Air Force, etc.), I bet it would speed things up quite a bit.

    Go to and look up who your Congressman is and call the LOCAL office, not the D.C. office and ask to speak to the person who does military casework.

    It can't hurt!

  2. Oi with the poodles, indeed! :)

    Hope things work out well, and soon. Sometimes the not knowing is so much worse than actually dealing with a purely negative situation.

    That picture is darling, and the grass is so green! I've lived in the desert for so long that I forget how green grass can actually get.

    I've started shredding as well. It's hard.

  3. Hi! I saw this post and realized I missed the post where you answered my questions. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks for answering my question. Yeah for Jillian Michaels. My husband who was a little skeptical gave it a try and thinks its a good quick workout too.