Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cat Eyes

As you know I really enjoy the show Parenthood.  Probably my favorite character on the show is Amber.  The angsty teenager who just can't catch a break.  Besides her drinking and drug use, I can really relate to her character as a teenager.  The other thing I dig about Amber is her retro-modern look.  She started out a little more generic looking:

But this past season she morphed into a rather chic looking, stylish teenager.  I dig it.  I dig the hair, I dig the cat-eye make up, I dig the red lipstick, I dig it all.  It's sorta classic and rebellious at the same time.  I sorta wanted to duplicate the look, but didn't want a complete overhaul you know?    

Then my friend Brittany recently showcased a new blog from Lauren Conrad (of the Hills fame) called The Beauty Department.   Although I don't really consider myself a girl who is super into makeup (like the girl at the MAC store who recently asked me "are you a make up girl?" sorta confused I said, "um, well I wear it..." and it was clear that that's not what she meant)  I'm still a girl and it's a fun blog to check around for tips, tutorials and more.  Anyway, I saw this picture of Ms. Conrad herself, along with the tutorials to get the same look and I immediately thought of my girl Amber.    

The bun I've actually been doing for a while thanks in part to another tutorial, but it was the cat-eye makeup that got my attention.  She has a great tutorial for this creating this same look yourself, check it out here.   

Although it may not look very drastic or different, it's just enough of a change for me.  And it's fun.  And I feel just a little rebellious, which is enough to keep me from being actually rebellious you know? Sometimes just changing it up a little bit puts a little spring in your step and helps you feel like a new woman.  So thanks Amber for the inspiration and thanks Lauren for the know-how.  

Does anyone else do this--make little changes in makeup/hair/wardrobe for that I'm-a-new-woman feeling?  Any other tutorials/looks you swear by?  


  1. I also love the big bun on top of the head... it makes me feel connected to my old ballet days:) Also, ponytails make me feel depressed and too teenager-y:) I love the eyes! I have recently committed to wearing mascara everyday, plus the usual lipstick, so I have been feeling a little more pulled together. I have yet to foray into eye-liner, but it is pretty hot and humid here, so it would probably end up on my cheeks:) Love you, and the new look! XOXO

  2. You are so would look great no matter how you wear your hair!

  3. Linda P.7:55 PM

    I like that new look on you! Oh, yes, I love a little new make-up, nail polish, and definitely a change in my hair to feel like a bit of a new me. It's just plain, simple fun. : D

  4. Thank you so much for your comment on TrachTies. It has been amazing to me to feel the bonding between families of kids with sn. It was such an isolating experience at first, but once I was ready to put myself "out there" wonder people like you have reached out to us. My sister Keeli just told me about your blog last week and I had just added it to my google reader. So funny. I look forward to reading up on you guys and your amazing little Lamp!

  5. I love parenthood. I haven't watched it in a while, though.

  6. Hey, did you see parenthood just got picked up for another season? Whoot! Hoping this news can counteract even a sliver of the stinkiness of your more recent post. Hope it all works out, but cincy would love to keep you.