This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Sickies

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


We're just a bunch of sickies around here today.  The only items on the agenda are going to the Doctor and watching movies.  I really hope our little walk in the rain the other day didn't bring this on.  Princess Sparkle and I got decked out in our rain gear and went on one the best walk ever.  Of course it helps if you have matching Hello Kitty rain gear from grandma.  The next time it pours, I highly recommend a rain walk with your kids.  Just make sure everyone's healthy first.    


  1. Walks in the rain are the best. As long as there is no lightening.

    I doubt it had anything to do with the sickness now. Hope you all get better quick.

  2. Linda P.4:56 PM

    Oh, Miggy, I'm so sorry y'all are not feeling well. Rest up, and we'll be here when you are feeling better!

  3. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Dear Miggy,

    So sorry you're all "under the weather".... If you were closer, my home-made chicken noodle soup would be just the remedy. Feel better fast!

    But the rain gear.... Way fabulous! Thanx for the pic!


  4. My girls just got over the flu they had all last week and I'm still recovering from not getting any sleep and I'm just getting out of my first trimester of pregnancy so it's not a pretty sight around my house. A lot of messes, some yelling, baby crying in the crib while I take a 20 minute nap. Bad mother.