This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Late Start

Friday, April 29, 2011

Late Start

cute Easter Sunday picture I forgot to post of the girls

I'm getting a late start today, and as you can see I've been lagging the later part of the week as far as the blog goes.  Lamp has been sick again, which means she probably won't be getting tubes in her ears on Monday.  Boo.  And her magic arm wasn't being so magical.  However we went this morning to get it re-adjusted a bit and I think it's going to work a lot better for her (crossing fingers).  

We've got a busy week coming up again but I just wanted to let everyone who asked a question know that I'm still planning on answering.  It's hard to find time to blog in between mommin' it up.  I usually have to do it at night or during naps--or sometimes like now when I'm being brave/stupid I just do it while the kiddos are at my feet making noise, begging for attention and generally feeling neglected.  But I keep doing it because I really enjoy it.  Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you next week with the answers to your most burning questions. 

But in the meantime I have a burning question for it just me or does the price of food seem to have gone up recently?  I used to be a more active couponer and sort of dropped off that bandwagon because I didn't think I was doing enough to make a difference.  But our grocery budget just isn't cutting it lately and while I think my lack of couponing is part of the reason, it seems like food is also just getting more it just me?  Also, do you coupon and are there easy, inexpensive (aka free) websites that help you do this?  

Thanks and have a great weekend!

ps.  was anyone else a little disappointed with Michael's farewell episode of The Office last night?


  1. I live in Alaska, milk is almost $6 a gallon so I feel likes it's always been expensive. I'm going to go ahead and hope that it doesn't get any worse! :)

  2. Agreed. Food prices definitely seem to have gone up! We seem to be spending more and more money at the grocery store on the same stuff we always buy.

    And YES, last night's office was a little too anti-climatic. Despite that, I MAY have shed a tear or two to see Michael leaving the Office. I'm curious to see how Will Farrell will do as the new boss. I love some of the stuff Will Farrell has done but I don't love his character in the Office. He's just weird...and the NAME they gave his character is just WEIRD.

    Love the picture of your two little girls!

  3. No question the price of food has gone up. And it will continue with the situation in the middle east. And, yes the it was anti climatic but being from Boulder, CO, it was fun to get a shout out there.

  4. Britt3:24 PM

    Your girls are darling!

    Yes, food prices have gone up. There was an article about it on CNN's website a few weeks ago. Awesome. Gas up. Food up. Everything up.

    I just got into couponing this year and despite the rising cost of everything, I'm definitely saving money on our grocery bill. My favorite blogs are Freebies2Deals, and a new one I just found called (and the coupon match-up site The author of that one has a couponing 101 ebook that I think explains saving better than any other site out there and she occassionally does vidoes called "extreme couponing for normal people" that I have found helpful.

    Good luck and keep us posted on how couponing is going for you!

  5. I have never tried coupons because the bulk of my groceries are fresh and most everything else we have specific brands we like......or I'm just too lazy? But, I just spent obscene amounts of money for 5 days of meals. Simple meals that I already had some ingredients for. I can't imagine feeding a large family right now! Can't wait to have my own veggies in the garden!

    Your girls are so sweet together!

  6. The answer to both is YES! Food prices are definitely going up in direct correlation to the fuel prices, and last night's OFFICE just mad me sad. Glad that Pam at least made it to the airport or I'd have been really depressed. Have no fear regarding Will Farrell. He will not be on the OFFICE for much longer. They plan to change managers a few times before introducing the real new manager.

  7. oops! I meant "made me sad"

  8. Groceries are so expensive I just stopped looking at my bill. Counterintuitive, I know. I just don't want to stress over something I can't control. I figure if I go to Bravo instead of Gristedes, I've done what I can do.

    Definitely disappointed with the farewell episode. More funny, less mopey please.

    I'm so glad to hear you're feeling more optimistic about Lamp's magic arm. I'll keep thinking of brilliant solutions just in case... ;)

  9. I feel like food prices have drastically increased lately. Milk and meat are killing us. I am totally into couponing right now. I love the sites: and They both match up the sales at all the nationwide chains. I make it simple for myself and just do the deals that they work out for their readers. I feel like it has saved me a lot of money... mostly in toiletries, but also some in regular groceries.

    Your girls are so sweet. Thanks for keeping us all up to date on your life.

  10. I am a big couponer, I use
    thekrazykouponlady website the most. I find it to be the easiest one to use

    Also I really think this is why we have been told time and time again to get a food storage.

  11. Food prices are definitely on the rise. Forget the stock market, I think food storage will probably be one of the best investments you can make right now (seriously). I'm not organized enough to do much couponing, so mostly I just try to watch the sale ads and stock up when stuff goes on sale.
    Yes, the office episode was kind of a bummer.
    Lamp's little chin dimple is freaking adorable! Your girls are little beauties.

  12. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Is there a site near you? It's a fruit and veggies co-op where you get lots of healthy food for less. The rising cost of produce is due to gas prices (shipping costs more) and because there have been lots of crop freezes and other types of crop failures world-wide that affect the supply.