This Little Miggy Stayed Home: In Love

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

In Love

I did something stupid.  Really stupid.

I fell in love.

As cliche as it sounds I didn't mean just happened.

I know what you're thinking...what do you mean you fell in love?  You're still...involved, committed?  What about your current...situation?

And to that I say...well things were already in the works.  We've already started the separation process--packing and whatnot--and while I know it's not a done deal and I know I shouldn't started looking around, checking out my options, I did.

And I fell in love.


Wait, you know I'm talking about a house right?  Did I forget to mention that?

So yeah I fell in love with a house in San Antonio and it was a stupid thing to do.  While I'll always love my 97 year old victorian beauty (ol' Vicky as I like to call her), I had to face the facts.  It was never a long term thing.   And while I know we've still got a few good months together, I started looking.... and that's when I saw it.  Our perfect San Antonio House.  Younger, modern, hip ...again with the cliches.  The Mr. warned me... he's all, we don't even know if were going to buy (we're not. we're renting.) and you have no idea what the neighborhood looks like (well I google earthed it...c'mon).  Bottom line is I just threw caution to the wind and let myself fall. in. love.   

And just like any fool in love, I started living in a fantasy world.  I looked at "my" little house on the internet every day.  I imagined where our furniture would go (don't even get me started...our furniture was made for this house), which rooms needed painting and where the art would hang.  In my mind it was perfect.  Close to the Mr's work, close to the hospital, within walking distance of a good elementary school, all one story for our little Lampy pie incase she needs a wheelchair, a fenced in back yard and on top of it all a beautiful, little house.  Despite the odds, I kept on dreaming.  Part of me just hoped we'd figure it out, make it work.

Then one day I was looking up my little house on line and it was gone.  Nope, not sold.  Taken off the market.  Apparently they've given up for the time being and they're just going to stay there (says the matchmaker realtor I spoke with).  

So what now?  Do I take a hint and bow out gracefully, or show up at the front door holding a boombox over my head playing In Your Eyes and see if they'd be willing to make a 3 year commitment?  

In all seriousness, I'm going to be going to SA in a little while to check out rental places and I'm already planning on going over and talking to the owners of my little perfect house.  I already tried everything I could think of to contact them online (including asking the realtor), but I got nothing.  
Anyone have any success with this kind of thing?  Am I nutso?  Could this actually work?      


  1. You are not nuts. Absolutely go talk to them. I would if I had fallen in love with a house. I HAVE done such a thing when I've fallen in love with a house.

  2. i've actually known lots of people who have had really good luck with renting empty houses but I would DEFFENATELY go for it! but also San Antonio has some great neighborhoods so if itdoesn't work there is another house just as awesome promise.. lots more fish in the sea!

  3. You should show up at their door with Lamp in your arms. That'll get 'em!

    good luck!
    Love, Bree

  4. There's a cul-de-sac in our ward where 4 out of 5 families are LDS. One of them got their house by knocking on the door and asking the lady currently living there (house hadn't been on the market or anything) if she would sell to them...and she did. At least in this case, you know they had wanted to move. Go.For.It.!!

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  6. I like your blog!...Daniel

  7. Good luck! Show us a picture!! We are in the same situation. I'm trying so hard not to fall in love, but when you find a gem, it's so hard not to obsess.

  8. Linda P.7:48 AM

    Go for it, Miggy! A little knock knock on the door, and you never know--the old "nothing ventured, nothing gained"! Do keep us updated. Somehow I'm thinkin' you will . . . .

  9. My daughter is in a similar situation as you. Husband doing a residency with the army in SA beginning in June. We drove down one weekend and found a house (mid-century modern, exactly not what she was looking for and turned out to be EXACTLY what she was looking for). We drive the 4 hours down every other weekend to renovate before her husband returns from his deployment at Gitmo. Let me know if I can take a peek at that house for you and ck out the neighborhood! We'll be there this weekend.

  10. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only house stalker. I could share some ideas to contact them, but I think showing up in person (with Lamp) would seal the deal!

  11. you're not nutso. it could work. i'm a classic fall-in-love-with-houses-er and i've seen miracles happen for people who died over certain houses, etc. so what do you have to lose? knock on the door, play in your eyes, let the magic happen! good luck!

  12. Shoot! We are leaving in the morning! They don't have internet in their new house (or furniture for that matter, we sleep on air mattresses when we are here on weekends), but I was able to hack into someone's tonight and cked my blog. Leave the address if you get a chance, I won't publish your message, and if I get it before I leave, I'll at least try to drive by and ck out the neighborhood.