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Friday, April 08, 2011


for Debi--as proof that you're not the only mom who sneaks in and takes sleepy baby pictures.  

That's the high Lampy's temperature has reached the past couple of day--including this morning.  Turns out Princess P wasn't really that sick, but Lamp has another ear infection (that would make 6) and will probably be getting tubes in a couple weeks.  But of course she still looks happy and smiley most of the time.    

Also, I've been meaning to give a Serger update for a while.  I have serged a teeny-tiny bit.  I haven't showed anything yet because really, there's nothing to show.  I've mostly just been messing around trying to figure out threading and whatnot.  It's been hard for me to learn solo since I need some good chunks of time to devote to it and haven't really had that much time.  I am looking into some private one on one lessons to help me get up to speed faster.   I just wanted to let everyone know that I am trying to learn and that I still get giddy about it each time I see it.  I will most definitely post some stuff when I finally get my serging skills up to par.       

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  


  1. Linda P.6:13 PM

    Bless little Lampy's heart, looking smiley and happy most of the time while in the midst of an ear infection and fever. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery and a restful weekend!

  2. I'm not the only one!! Yay. Thanks for helping me not feel so alone in my creepster mommyness. Gosh, I love my babies, and I'm not going to say especially when they are sleeping, but yeah.

    So sorry about Lampy girl's ears. That's just exhausting for everyone. But she is just so gorgeous when she sleeps!

  3. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Precious Angel! She teaches us all much!!! God bless that little One.

    Love, hugs, & prayers to her & all of you,