This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Sugar and Shred Update

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sugar and Shred Update

Captains Log--No sugar, Day 4:

Sugar fast has so far been successful.   To be clear it hasn't been a strict "all things sugar" fast, but an all treats fast.  I've still had jam on rolls and honey and such, but no treats.  Here's what I've noticed.  I'm really hungry.  I've come to realize that a substantial part of my diet includes treats, so when those are removed I'm actually hungry.  Which is sorta new for me.  I don't usually eat out of hunger, I usually eat because I'm craving something or because the clock tells me it is the appropriate time for a meal.  But now I noticed that when meal time rolls around (mmmm, rolls) I'm actually hungry.  Interesting.  While I'm still excited for Sunday--when I plan on breaking my sugar fast with a banana cream pie--it hasn't been that bad.  Fortunately I like healthy food.  Always have.  I love vegetables.  Love them.  Fruit is good too.  I just happen to like chocolate, cookie dough and cake as well.  

Besides the health benefits this has been really good for me mentally.  I was beginning to think I wasn't capable of going without sugar for a day.  I had half-heartedly tried it before to no avail.  So when I decided out loud and for reals-ies this time to go a whole day without sugar it actually felt like a big accomplishment.  Once I knew I could do a day, a week hasn't been that bad at all.  A lot of it was just getting over that mental hurdle.  The first day was the hardest and I already feel happier with myself knowing I have the discipline necessary to avoid sweets.  

Also, I wanted to give an update on my shredding with Jillian.  If you remember I started working out to Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred video around Christmas.  I wouldn't exactly say I'm shredded, but I definitely notice a difference.  I'm stronger.  I can feel muscles in my arms again.  They may be small muscles, but they're there.  I have a lot more endurance during the workouts as well, but they are still tough work outs.  I actually have sweat dripping off my face during level 3!  Which is awesome because I've now joined the club of people-who-work-out-so-hard-sweat-drips-off-their-face like Rocky and Kevin Bacon in Footloose.  I also like that each work out is only 20 minutes long so while I prefer to do the workout before the girls wake up that doesn't often happen but it's short enough that they can just hang out while I'm working out.  And in fact sometimes Princess Sparkle works out with me using small cans of tomato paste for her weights.  It's pretty cute.  I'd definitely recommend this video for a quick and butt-kicking workout. You can also download it from itunes--which is what I did.   

Is anyone else going sugarless or shredding it up right now too? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts and experience.  


  1. Kudos (sugar-free Kudos of course) to you for the kicking the sugar habit. It's a really hard thing.

    While I'm still in the throes of my addiction, I have been working out more and I agree that it feels so great to have muscles and endurance again!

  2. my roomies and i shredded it up last spring. there's nothing like 5 girls in a living room whining and sweating and yelling at a tv screen. but we all felt so powerful afterwards!!

    man, those were the [painful and sweaty] days.

  3. i wholeheartedly agree with this entire assessment. jillian and i worked out hardcore together during january. i loved it. i lost 3 pounds but i gained so much confidence and muscle. and my abs looks a smidge like real abs, not baby folds. and i agree about no sugar meaning real food is so much better. and i don't feel guilty when i eat bread when i don't have sugar. i'm sure that makes perfect sense somehow.

  4. I'm doing the whole 4 Hour Body thing. Misery. No sugar, no carbs, no dairy. Yes that means no cheese! I have to take a while week off now and again (I've been on it for 3 lol). But, i do feel better having less reliance on the sugar.

  5. Anonymous12:45 AM

    I'm mad at you. First the Jimmer quote and now you mention your "top secret" banana cream pie. Someday I will crack the recipe, just wait and see.

    Give everyone loves from me.
    -little sis

  6. Rob and I have been working out again. We have Jillian, but we switch it up some days, too. Cause we can. My body is responding much faster than when we did this hard core 2 years ago, and I like it A LOT. But I'm hungrier from working out. Sometimes I'll think, "Why does my stomach hurt." Oh, right. When you work out you have to take calories IN. :)