This Little Miggy Stayed Home: NumberPhone

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I love having kids.

Wait, let's back up a second...growing up and even as an adult, I wasn't exactly a kid person.  I think I was the babysitter everyone called as their last resort.  Sure I could watch your kids and they'd be alive when you got home, but I wasn't going to actually play with them.  And I usually tried to put them to bed as early as possible so I could watch Unsolved Mysteries or some other such nonsense while getting paid for it.  Don't get me wrong I knew I wanted kids, but I didn't particularly love kid humor or cute little kid things.  

Until I had my own kids.  So as I was saying...I love having kids, especially my kids.  I'm one of those people who secretly thinks everyone else wishes they had my kids too.  One thing we've always loved about Princess Sparkle Pants is her silly personality.  She does and says some funny stuff.  Her newest thing?  NumberPhone.  What's NumberPhone you ask?  It's a language.  A language my super smart 4 year old daughter invented.  Although I don't do many videos on here (never?) PSP speaking NumberPhone is something to be experienced first hand.   So without further ado, here is your first lesson in the newest language craze, NumberPhone.

You're welcome.  

ps.  Can you tell she loves being on camera?    
pps.  I know she's not the first kid to invent a language, but you have to admit she might be the cutest 4 year old linguist out there. 
ppps.  You can't have her, she's ours.  


  1. hsst cuuuunf hassa sss dah tah edd sah

    that was number phone for seriously the cutest thing ever!!!! darling.

    the counting and singing killed me because it just came so fast. ha ha... adorable.

  2. I wasn't a kid person until I had my own, either. They're so much better when they're yours ;)

    When did she grow to be so big? Such long limbs! She's a big girl!

  3. Once I got past that fact she has GORGEOUS eyes and is totally DARLING...I am blown over by this language thing. Never seen anything like it!

  4. WOWWWW. She's probably the smartest and prettiest 4-year-old I've ever known! How did she grow up so fast?!?

  5. She is most definitely your girl, Miggs! I would expect nothing less from your offspring.

    I was so impressed with the wide use of the alphabet she utilizes in NumberPhone. That takes skills.

    I really can't get over how much she is like you.

  6. All I can say is WOW! That is hilarious. Smart girl to be able to sing a song in her own language!

    I'm pretty sure you'd like my kids too. Michael is a species all of his own.

  7. so freaking funny

  8. Linda P.6:19 PM

    Wow, I am fascinated! I listened to this last night, and if I remember correctly, when she said "good-bye" a second time, she said the exact same thing. This surprised me and made me think she actually did have a language. I thought maybe she was just randomly saying things, but is there a real system to this? And yes, she is quite a beauty!

  9. I loved her ballerina twirl when you introduced her. And her rendition of, "I am a Child of God" was spot on.
    In first grade for "show and tell" I taught my class a new sign language saying the "old" sign language that we used was now obsolete.
    That was hilarious and adorable all wrapped up in sparkle pants. Thanks for sharing!

  10. She is sooo cute (and smart too!)! And has a great singing voice---when she was singing, I could have totally believed that she was singing in another real language!