This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Game On

Monday, March 21, 2011

Game On

OK.  Here it is.  No treats for one week
No ice cream.
No Magic Shell.  
No cookies.  
No cake.  
No mousse.  
No pie.  
No cobbler.  
No candy.
No chocolate.    

I decided that every other day without sugar was OK, but lets see if I could go an entire week.  Cold turkey.  (mmmm, I wish I had some cold leftover thanksgiving turkey).  And I'm telling the whole internet because then I have to do it.   I'm basically triple-dog-daring myself and I can't lose face at the virtual school yard.  This is going to be hard for me.  Especially during nap time and after the kids are in bed...those are usually the times I run to the kitchen to for some sugary relief.  I really appreciate all the info and support on my last sugar post.  Some of your comments were very informative.     

I actually started yesterday, so we're on day 2...wish me luck!

I apologize to my family in advance for any unfortunate withdrawal symptoms.

*The picture above has nothing to do with this post, but I just love it.  found via poppytalk again.  


  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Good luck! I've done it and never felt better. Once your past a few days, your body doesn't even crave it anymore.

  2. You can do it! Just get past the first 2 or 3 days and you'll be motivated by how good you feel! Night is the very worst (for me anyway) so I always had some little snack as a substitute. A little peanut butter, fruit, toast etc.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Mel--yes I still need snacks and pop corn always works well for me. Thanks again.

  4. i love magic shell.

  5. I too am a sugar addict. I've cut out sugar for the last 30 days... Im doing it for 40 days total. Since Im breastfeeding & cant fast in the traditional way I decided to make some other sacrifice & this is the hardest thing I could think of... I've found it easier giving it up for a spiritual reason, I don't know if I could give it up purely based on health.

  6. I'll do it too!!! Don't quit on me! I have a testimony of this!!! (ha ha , wink wink)

  7. WOW!! Impressive. I couldn't go a few hours without sugar. I have a MAJOR addiction!!! Good luck, you might be inspiring me to take the plunge and try this too.

  8. YOU CAN DO IT!!! :) You can do anything, really:) If you need a buddy, come to my house! Lately, I am trying to give up my crazy cheese habit (the result of no sugar for most of my adult life!). Pretty soon, only broccolli will be left! Hah!

  9. I was so addicted to sugar. I had to go off for three weeks. By the second week, I knew I would survive. I now use stevia instead of sugar in my coffee. I don't have that afternoon sleepiness anymore. When I want a sweet treat after dinner, I drink Yogi Throat Comfort tea. It's a little sweet and delicious. Good luck! You can do it!!!

  10. I've written a few health blog posts on this. As a fellow sugar addict, I have to find ways to cut back on sugar so that I can enjoy sweets in moderation instead of focusing on the next fix.

    THE BEST THING for sugar cravings is to drink a few ounces of Kombucha (my favorite is GT's Kombucha in cranberry, trilogy, gingerberry), coconut water kefir (kind of hard to find and kombucha does the same thing...), or regular kefir (plain only because the flavored ones have tons of sugar in it). They are all fermented (like vinegar, not alcohol) with probiotics and actually have the same type of "expansive" quality in your gut as sugar. Also, sugar cravings are largely due to an abundance of candida in your digestive tract, which can be helped by eating/drinking more probiotics. Just start with a few ounces though and don't guzzle the whole bottle.

    Also, avoid really salty foods. I know that probably seems like a double whammy, but our digestive systems (and body) seek to maintain balance and if you eat a lot of salty food (contracting quality) you will undoubtedly crave sugar (for its expansive quality). There's more science to it (obviously) but hopefully this helps. :) xo