This Little Miggy Stayed Home: The Birthday Party

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Birthday Party

It was a fun party and best of all Princess Sparkle Pants (I just made that up, but it's actually quite fitting) had a wonderful time.  Even though it's not a huge production it was still a good amount of work.  I wouldn't have been able to pull it off with the craziness of last week (I promise I will stop bringing up last week) had I not started the planning and putting the party together a while ago.  I really liked that PSP (Princess Sparkle...) asked for a "flower party."  I'm really tiring of the over commercialized Princess and other Disney-esque themes, especially for such a young demographic, (of course had she asked for a princess party I'm sure I would have done it).  A flower party in February seemed to be the perfect theme for these sweet little 4 year olds.  Here are the highlights.  

the room before all the craziness

the cake

 pin the flower on the stem

 flower pot cakes with flower spoons

flower making craft

planting flower seeds in pots for the take home party favor

cute 4 year old girls

4 years.  I can't believe it.
We love you Princess Sparkle Pants.
*Thanks to my mom who sent the sugar flowers for the cake and all the fancy cup-cake wrappers for the flower craft.  


  1. Linda P.10:08 AM

    I am impressed, Miggy! I would have loved that party, too! Such great ideas using the flower theme. Thanks for sharing the pics. What a huge blessing that Lamp was home so that you could throw this party with a clear mind and not have to worry about that dear little one. And you may talk about the difficulties of last week all you want. That's what this blog is for--to tell about your life. And this is what we are for--to listen and support. Hugs!

  2. HOW WONDERFUL! Happy Birthday Princess Sparkle Pants!! Sparkle On!

  3. Looks like they all had a great time! Lovely theme...! We recently had a birthday party in our house, and we introduced the (mostly foreign) children to pin the tail on the donkey, they thought we were mad! Emma

  4. I love the cake, and I love the Polaroid look.

  5. This is just about my most favorite party ever ... absolutely darling!

    Great show of cool on your part.

  6. dying over this. ADORABLE. I like out of the box themes. That cake is divine!

  7. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Princess Sparkle Pants,

    Wow, what a wonderful birthday party your Mom (&Dad) put on! Love the cake, and the treats, the game... "Pin the flower on the stem"! Love it.... and the take home favors, the treats and the craft.... WOW... Yahoo for Mom pulling it all together. Thanks for the pictures!

    Glad it was a success and that you and your friends had fun!


  8. Haha, I just noticed tiny Lamp in the top picture!! That little sneaky pixie!:) PSP is certainly a gorgeous birthday girl, and looks like she worships her brilliant mom who throws parties that have cool themes and crafts, etc. (P.S. I don't do any of those things! You are so talented!)
    xoxo, Suz

  9. so cute! love that cake!

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