Thursday, February 24, 2011

One of Those Weeks

We used to live in Washington Heights, in upper Manhattan.  When Sassy Pants was a baby there was a street that I walked up and down almost daily with her in tow for one reason or another.  When she was really little I would strap her to my body in the baby bjorn, cover her up with a blanket and walk her while she slept.  Sometimes this walk would last 2 hours.  Ft. Washington was the street, and from about 171st all the way up to the entrance to Ft. Tryon park on 191st we walked it.  Of course I didn't always go all the way up to Ft. Tryon, but often I did.  Ft. Tryon was the pay off as one of Manhattan's best kept secrets in my opinion--it's beautiful with amazing views overlooking the Hudson river.  Soon the walk in the bjorn to get her to sleep, became the walk in the stroller for my morning exercise.  In the summer it was the walk to the park--J. Hoodwright, Bennett, or Javitz--we had our pick.  It was also the walk to one of our playgroups.  Ft. Washington was a walk for a walks sake, it was the walk to the park, it was the walk to many of our friends apartments.  It was the well worn path of my earliest motherhood days.  There were people I got to know and waved to just because of our walks.  There were certain shops and bodega's along the way I became familiar with--Franks had the best and cheapest produce in the area and all the good restaurants were up on 187th.  I'm pretty sure I could have navigated Ft. Washington blindfolded.  I often thought of taking Sassy Pants back there when she was older and showing her the street that I must have walked her on at least 100 times.  

It seems that the well worn path for Cincinnati is the road to the hospital.  It's a drive that has become very, very familiar.  And even if we're not going to the hospital it's the same road we take to a lot of favorite destinations--our favorite neighborhood Northside, with places like Happen Inc and Take the Cake.  It's the same route to the zoo, our favorite movie theatre, and the best Indian food in town.  And while there's no amazing park overlooking the Hudson River as our final destination, the hospital itself is familiar and welcoming.  I'm not sure if I've specifically pointed this out, but it's the same hospital where B works and I can't tell you how great that's been.  If we have to go to the hospital anyway, we might as well stop in and see dad while we're there.  And there have been a lot of times he's able to meet us for an appointment whenever needed because he's right there. We're easily the most frequent visitors at the dental clinic.  Just as Ft. Washington became a way of life and old and familiar, so has this drive to the hospital.  It's just another thing we do like brushing our teeth and doing the dishes.  

 This week has been a rough one.  Both girls were sick.  Lamp sustained a temperature for 3 days, while Sassy P, had one for 2 days.  We even had to miss her birthday at pre-school because she was sick (but we rescheduled for Monday and I threw the cupcakes in the freezer).  We have been to the Dr's office or hospital every day this week.  And yesterday as I was being summoned back to the hospital for the second time that day I couldn't help but think of how this route to and from the hospital will come to define our time in Cincinnati.  It's not a bad thing, I'm not sure how my tone is coming off, but I'm not upset about's just this path that will be forever burned in my brain.  Just like Ft. Washington will forever be a reminder and even a definer of our time in New York.  Really we all have these well worn paths in life, whether it's just the daily repetition of duties or an actual road or street that we travel so often it's become a part of our life in a truly personal way.
I'm just curious if any of you have felt similar about the 'well worn paths' in your daily lives.  Do you notice them, hate them, embrace them, love them?         

Last night, after getting Lamp home from the hospital for the second time that day and getting her to bed for a few hours we actually had a 3rd trip to the hospital.  Around 11pm her G-tube, which has been infected, came out.  Apparently it's not all that uncommon for g-tubes to just come out from time to time, but you have to get to a hospital immediately so they can put another one in before the hole closes up--sometimes it closes within 4 hours.  So B took her to the hospital at 11:30 to have another g-tube put in.  Unfortunately it wasn't that simple.  The next g-tube popped right out.  They inserted another one, but it's not in the right position either.  She had to be admitted to the hospital again while they figure out what to do.  With the infection and 3 g-tubes in her belly in such a short amount of time it looks like the hole is stretched out, which is causing all sorts of problems.  I don't know what else to say... I don't want to be super complain-y but it was already a rough week as it is and this is really putting it over the top.  And it's really no fair for Sassy Pants as it's her birthday tomorrow and her party on Saturday which I'm still trying to put together.  So yeah...that's where were at and that's why the blogging has been non-existent.  We would appreciate any prayers sent our way.    


  1. Big hugs to you and prayers too. Hang in there. Also, thanks for inspiring me with your happy memories of your Ft. Wash morning walks. I'm going to do the same thing! You are sorely missed here...

  2. I'm so sorry about all of the struggles. I could comment about a mile long on this one, but I won't. Just know that I'm totally praying for all of your family.

  3. Great memories! My well trod path in NY was the sidewalk from Haven to the subway stairs on Broadway. Three years of saying hi to familiar Dominican workers, enduring the uphill climb in the mornings and enjoying the downhill stretch coming home, usually seven days a week. Nothing particularly scenic or special about it, but I distinctly remember the last time we walked it, on our way to JFK, wondering if I would miss it.

    Good luck and prayers to you and Lamp.

  4. I am exhausted by proxy listening to your back and forth, Stay chipper you are doing amazing. This is when you should look at yourself a little and say..Seriously I am capable of so much more than i ever planned on. Your theme song for the week should definitly be.."the waves keep on crashing on me for some reason..da na na!" No doubt


  5. Linda P.12:37 PM

    You did not at all come across as complaining, Miggy! You were just telling it like it is. I'm sorry that feeding tube is being ornery and not behaving. I am praying right now that it can be effectively replaced and will stay put and that Sassy Pants and Lamp will both get well from all infections and that Miss S.P. will have a wonderful birthday. I'm also praying that you will be able to relax and have some time to yourself.

  6. i'm sending prayers out to you from this side of a very salty lake. i love you. and all your people (even though i've never met them).

  7. Catherine1:10 PM

    I'm definitely praying for all of you, extra hard, in the silent times today.

  8. Definitely thinking of you and praying for your little fam. You must be both physically and emotionally exhausted. I hope they find a solution for Lamp soon.

    Ft. Wash is that well-traveled path for us, too, although I almost never go as far as you did! I like passing by that window (just north of 170th, I think) with the two puppies that are always sticking their heads out.

  9. You are not being complain-y. This is most definitely a hard section of this particular path. I will be keeping your family and especially sweet little Lamp in my thoughts for sure.

  10. I miss taking those walks with you so early in the day! I felt like those playgrounds were real gems, too. There is nothing like that here in SC, and everyone is so spread out, we are frequently the only people at the jungle-gym. Thank goodness for snack-traps, ipods, and the Cloisters:)
    Sending prayers and love to you all, esp. that little sick birthday girl and the tiny one with a sore tummy!

  11. Prayers going up.

    I loved reading about Ft. Wash. It will definitely define our time here.

  12. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Dear Miggy,

    Let's see, first your computer (your link to the outside world) crashes, then your two little sweetie-pies are sick, then Lamp makes several trips to hospital and has yet another surgery. Fancy Pants birthday is today and her birthday party, put on by you, (Mother Concierge extraordinaire!) is this Saturday. And all this on little or no sleep... You're not sounding "complainy", and even if you are (a little), so what! Complain a little. Certainly I'm not judging you and neither is anyone else!

    A couple of observations... it seems like whenever Lamp has G-tube issues and has to go to the hospital, it's always at night. Why are some trials compounded just a bit more by other circumstances?
    Lamp is such a little trooper and handles her sicknesses, and procedures with courage... She endures and endures it well. An example to me for sure.

    But most of all Lamp seems to love and appreciate (maybe more than most) just being home and being with those who love her. Like at Christmas when she needed her first G-tube surgery on December 23 (again nothing convenient about that!), and was supposed to be in the hospital for a few days, she surprised us all. December 24th she just seemed to "know". She fought to get better. When you brought her through the door on Christmas Eve (truly our prayers were all answered!), she was whimpering a little. I knelt down to see he in her little carrier and said..."Lamp, you just KNEW it was Christmas and you weren't going to spend you're first Christmas in the hospital were you? It's Christmas Eve and we're glad you're home! Her little face broke into the broadest smile. This little one "JUST KNEW"! She seems wise beyond her age.

    I Love Lamp and Fancy Pants and you too Wonder Woman! And well B, he's a tower of support too.

    Love, hugs and prayers your way,

  13. Hey there - I just recently found your blog and normally I just read without commenting - I know that sounds a little creepy, but I totally enjoy hearing about your adorable family. Anyway, eventhough I don't know you at all, I just wanted to send hugs and prayers your way. Here's to hoping for a great week next week! For all of you. I hope the girls feel better soon and that you get to take a nap.
    All the best..

  14. Every word in this post resonated. I totally get it and you put it so beautifully.

    We will absolutely send extra love and prayers your way.

    love you oh so much.

  15. i was so glad to see everything worked out with the g-tube.

    it's awesome to read this post because i was thinking about you today- was waiting at the bus stop on fort wash and 171st street with stella in rain gear and i thought that it reminded me exactly of the day of sassy p's 2nd bday- we went to your place for an amazing elephant bday party.

    can't believe our ladies are 4!